4 Benefits of Taking Short Walks in the Park

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Take Your Dose of Nature on March 30th — Take a Walk in the Park Day!

Did you know that taking nature walks can help restore your mental, emotional, and physical health? Do yourself a huge favor by simply heading down to the nearest park and admiring the beauty all around you. As you savor nature’s peaceful and inspiring beauty the way the trees bask themselves in the sunlight, you’ll be amazed at how good you’ll feel.

Needless to say, spending a few moments in nature’s bosom is never a waste of time. That’s why on March 30th — Take a Walk in the Park Day, grab the chance to do so. For those who live within the borders of an urbanized area, access to wide-open spaces of greenery is always a welcome respite to the soul, mind, and body.


Why Take Walks in the Park?

Instead of hopping on your treadmill, why don’t you do something different by getting in a quick workout at the park fitness area? Get some fresh air, see children play, hear the birds sing, and feel the gentle breeze on your face as you talk a walk in the park on March 30th. Breast Cancer Car Donations has gathered these four benefits of spending time in nature:

  • The scent of trees can help reduce stress.

A person’s sense of smell is said to be closely related to the emotional center of our brain. This is the reason why when we smell certain scents, we are immediately reminded of a good memory from the past, which evokes nostalgic emotions. When you remember these things, your mind becomes relaxed and the stressful cortisol levels in your body dramatically decrease.

  • It’s good for the heart.

Green spaces are also known to have positive effects on the body. Studies show that people who spend more time in parks or forests are less likely to experience spikes in blood pressure. Japanese researchers have also linked spending time in parks to lowered cortisol levels in the body, which helps boost a person’s mood.

  • You feel motivated to exercise.

A walk in the park activates different senses as well. Being outdoors helps you appreciate nature more, and the more you get used to the feeling of being outside, the more motivated you’ll be to go out and exercise. Scientific evidence proves that people who spend more time doing physical activities outdoors are more likely to succeed in making it a long-term routine.

  • It helps stimulate your brain cells.

Taking a walk through the green scenery of a park is known to improve memory retention and learning. Research has shown that children who are exposed to forest environments at school have better cognitive skills and manual dexterity than children who are in enclosed spaces. Likewise, in adults, taking a walk in the park can stimulate the brain cells, which leads to better brain function.


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Breast Cancer Patients Need Your Help

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As you rejuvenate your health by basking in the glory of nature on March 30th — Take a Walk in the Park Day, spare a thought for the breast cancer patients in your area whose health conditions are precarious. Lend them a helping hand by handing over your clunker to Breast Cancer Car Donations. Call us at 866-540-5069 or fill out our online donation form now to get started!