3 Possible Reasons Why Your Car Is Leaking Oil

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Get Your Car Fixed to Avoid Engine Breakdown

Your car’s engine needs the right amount and quality of oil to function well. With insufficient or poor oil quality, there’ll be friction in your vehicle’s engine, causing it to malfunction. That’s why you shouldn’t let procrastination get the best of you when it comes to taking action when you see signs of an oil leak.

You know that you’ve driven your vehicle for far too long without changing its engine oil when you notice dirty oil leaking from it. If you’re not willing to crawl under your car to try to find the cause of the problem, it’s best to have it checked by a trusted mechanic. Otherwise, the leaks can potentially cause the seals and rubber hoses to deteriorate prematurely.

Aside from leaving unsightly oily puddles on your driveway, leaking oil can also be a huge environmental hazard. If this isn’t bad enough, an engine compartment fire may result when the leaking oil makes contact with your vehicle’s hot metal surfaces. When the oil reservoir in your engine compartment runs dry, this can trigger a catastrophic engine breakdown.


What Are the Possible Reasons Why Your Car Is Leaking Oil?

The oil that coats your engine’s rapidly moving components eliminates friction as they slip past each other at great speed. As a result, the slick fluid transfers the heat away from the drive pistons and keeps your car’s mechanical system in top shape. To help you maintain this fluid-derived balancing act, Breast Cancer Car Donations has pulled together the possible reasons why your car is leaking oil so that you can get it fixed right away.

1. Damaged oil pans or gaskets

Since your vehicle’s oil pans and gaskets are positioned at the bottom of the engine, road debris can easily damage them. The oil pan can leak when you’re driving on rough roads. It’s not unusual for the pan’s oil gasket to suffer wear and tear. It can suffer considerable damage and lead to an oil gasket leak.

2. Inaccurate oil filter fitting

Some of the most common reasons why the oil filter fitting is inaccurate include unevenly distributed tightness, improper attachment of the oil filter, and a loose oil filter. Whatever the case may be, this can cause the engine oil to leak through the filter.

3. Damaged temperature sensor

Is the low oil symbol blinking on your dashboard even if the level is correct? When this happens, your temperature gauge will go from cool to hot in a matter of minutes. Since it usually takes more than just a few minutes for the oil to heat, this is an indication of a damaged temperature sensor.


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If your car’s engine suffers damage as a result of an oil leak issue, you may want to dispose of that vehicle altogether if the cost of repair is just too much for you.

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