3 Meditation Exercises for Cancer Patients

3 Meditation Exercises for Cancer Patients | Breast Cancer Car Donations

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Achieve Peace and Improve Your Well-Being with These Exercises

Meditation fights stress and relaxes the mind. Not only does it give us a sense of calmness, but it also helps us get quality sleep and combat fatigue. It likewise reduces blood pressure and keeps us in good shape.

Not surprisingly, meditation is recommended for cancer patients. Studies show that mindfulness-based cancer interventions improve both social and psychological outcomes in these individuals, including reduction of stress, mood elevation, and improved quality of life. The practice is also effective in managing acute and chronic pain.

Meditation is convenient, safe, and inexpensive. Some cancer patients report greater tolerance to the side effects of chemo and radiation therapy after doing meditative practices.

Meditation can be performed in various ways, based on individual preferences. To get its maximum benefits, you can explore different forms and choose the one that works best for you.  You may begin by signing up for a group class, looking for resources on the Internet, or downloading apps on your phone.


Try These Meditation Exercises

You can find many types of meditation. Some are practiced in a sitting position, while others incorporate movement. Regardless, they all share a common goal: helping you achieve peace and improve your overall well-being. Breast Cancer Car Donations presents the following meditation exercises you can try:

1. Mantra Meditation

This form of meditation gets your mind to focus on a word or sound, also known as a mantra. Many people create their own mantra from a positive word, such as “love” or “peace.” This practice aims to relax the mind, as it has a natural tendency to jump from one worry to another.

You don’t have to force your mind back to your mantra once you realized that it has strayed away. Rather, just remember it and accept that your mind might wander again. You don’t need to close your eyes while meditating, either, as most practitioners prefer to keep their eyes open with a relaxed gaze.

2. Guided Imagery

This technique combines breathing and meditation. It can soothe your troubled mind by taking you to a place in which you’d feel safer and more secure. As you’re breathing deeply, visualize a peaceful scene or any situation that brings you happiness.

The goal of guided imagery is to promote a calm state through mindfulness and relaxation. By focusing your attention on pleasant scenes, your mind and body relax. You’ll find yourself feeling less agitated and stressed, and you’ll notice less tension and tightness in your muscles.

3. Transcendental Meditation (TM)

In this natural form of meditation, your mind will settle inward to transcendental consciousness, bringing you into a deep state of restfully alert consciousness. In other words, you’ll experience a decrease in stress and anxiety within minutes. Practicing it regularly may even reduce chronic pain, cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Practitioners of TM say that when meditating, the ordinary thinking process is transcended, which means that it is replaced by a state of pure consciousness. When you’re already in this state, you’ve reached perfect stillness, stability, rest, and a complete absence of mental boundaries.


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