11 Must-Have Items For Your Chemo Tote Bag

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11 Must-Haves for Your Chemo Tote Bag

Chemotherapy treatment varies for every single breast cancer patient. Some might go through a session for only half an hour while others may undergo a treatment session for as long as four hours. Treatment rooms differ in terms of temperature, and you can’t really know for sure how long you’ll need to wait for your turn—which is why it’s best that you come prepared.

What do we mean by that, exactly? Well, since you have no idea what you’re in for—like how long your treatment would be, or what the environment is going to be like—it’s a great idea to bring your chemo tote bag packed with all the essentials that would make you feel comfortable.

Below is a list of 11 things you must include in your tote bag. Be sure to have them with you every time you go to a chemo appointment.

1. Blanket and pillow

Again, there’s no uncertainty as to how many hours your treatment might take. With that said, you have the option to rest or sleep while being treated. A blanket will also come in handy to keep you warm.

2. Comfortable clothes

Since you’ll most likely be in a temperature-controlled room, bring a sweatshirt or sweater that you can put on in case the atmosphere gets cold. Also, wear a V-neck shirt, preferably one that has short sleeves. That way, the technician won’t have a hard time inserting an IV in your arm or placing the port in your chest.

3. Hat or scarf

If your hair has started to fall already, it’s crucial to keep your head warm, especially if you’ll be stuck in an air-conditioned facility for hours. Whether it’s a hat, beanie, or a scarf, wearing an accessory to protect your head is a huge must.

4. Socks

Your feet also need to stay warm while waiting for your chemotherapy. Former cancer patient and survivor, Stephanie Madsen, recommends patients to bring a pair of fuzzy and soft socks, which should be matched with closed-toe shoes.

5. Snacks

Expect to get hungry while waiting for treatment, especially if you’re coming from a rather far place. Having an empty stomach while being treated is never a good idea, so don’t forget to pack your favorite snacks before you head out.

6. Fluids

Of course, you also need to keep yourself hydrated as there would be times when treatment could cause migraines or headaches. Fluids like water and juice will not only prevent you from suffering dehydration but will also help in flushing the residual toxins out of your bloodstream.

7. Nausea treatment

One of the most common side effects of chemotherapy is nausea. As much as possible, pack several things in your bag that can ease the symptom such as chewing gums, mint, or any products that contain Xylitol. Don’t forget to include crystallized ginger, too, as it’s known to be an excellent cure for nausea.

8. Oral hygiene products

Since chemo treatment often leaves an unusual taste or causes a dry mouth, make sure to bring your toothbrush, toothpaste, and a bottle of alcohol-free mouthwash.

9. Skin care products

Besides your mouth, chemotherapy can also make your skin dry and dehydrated. Soothe your skin with a body lotion that’s specially made for sensitive skin. You can also opt for products that are unscented.

10. File organizer

Since you’ll be having lots of documents and files with you such as your medical records, test results, and medication lists, keeping them in a multiple file organizer will make things more convenient for you. You’ll know right away where you’ll get a certain file that your doctor needs from you.

11. Entertainment

Avoid exhaustion from waiting by bringing along a number of things that can entertain you. Bring your laptop, tablet, or any device that you can use to kill boredom. If technology is not your thing, you can always bring your favorite book.


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