10 Post-Mastectomy Items to Have at Home

Post-Mastectomy Items to Have at Home | Breast Cancer Car Donations

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These Items Can Help Ease the After-effects of Surgery

Following a successful mastectomy and days of recovery at the hospital, your doctor finally gives you the green light to head home. Unfortunately, you may still find yourself experiencing discomfort and the after-effects of surgery, which is why it’s important to have all the post-mastectomy essentials ready at home. Take a look at what they are below.

1. Mastectomy pillow

Mastectomy pillows are made to protect incisions. The pillow goes over the breast area and underneath the arms, giving you the reassurance that your stitches are fully protected. Additionally, it will make you feel more secure when hugging others.

2. Drain lanyard

Once you’ve completed your mastectomy, expect to have drains coming out of your body and being held in place with stitches. Since you can’t let them drop or dangle in the shower, nor can you wear your camisole, you’ll need to hang your drains somewhere — and thank goodness for drain lanyards! Loop a large safety pin on each drain, and clip them to the lanyard.

3. Wedge pillow

Another pillow that can provide you extra comfort and protection is a wedge pillow. If you’re fond of laying on your couch, this item should come in handy for your post-op recovery. Your chest will be very heavy once your expansion process starts, but with this pillow, the heaviness will no longer be a concern.

4. Mastectomy drain jacket

There’s no better way to hide your drains than by donning a jacket with inside pockets. While there’s also the option of attaching them with safety pins to any jacket, that might require a little more effort.

5. Front closure bra with wide compression

A compression bra helps reduce breast swelling. Since it can become very tight, however, you should follow your surgeon’s instructions for using it.

6. Shower seat

You’ll most likely feel weak in the few days following your mastectomy, and standing in the shower for minutes might be a challenge. A shower seat is what you’ll need to fix that problem. Not only will it make showering less of a burden for you, but it also gives you the freedom to sit and relax there for as long as you want.

7. 2-in-1 shampoo

A 2-in-1 shampoo is another item that can help you get through a shower during your first post-surgery week. Using a separate shampoo and conditioner isn’t a good idea as you’ll be performing more movements with your still-fragile body.

8. Cotton camisoles

Cotton camis are a must-have for those recovering from a mastectomy. This is because camisoles won’t require you to lift your arms anymore to wear them. To make it even more convenient, buy ones that have built-in bras already.

9. Seat belt pillow

Riding in a car can be an unpleasant experience for women who’ve just had their mastectomy, which is why we strongly suggest you use a seat belt pillow. Place it between your affected breast and seat belt every time you’re on a vehicle. It’s the best way to ease the pain of a bumpy ride.

10. 4×4 gauze

You’ll need these pads to cover your drain areas and scars.


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