Your Ultimate Black Friday Survival Guide

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Your Ultimate Black Friday Survival Guide

You know it’s Black Friday when Turkey Day is over and every bargain hunter throughout the United States quickly recovers from the food coma they fell in and transforms into a shopping ninja. A word of caution: Black Friday is not for the faint of heart. With mobs flooding into stores in an attempt to squeeze all their shopping for a limited time in a single day, Black Friday is the perfect cocktail for the kind of stress that could make anyone sick.

Needless to say, in trying to hit as many stores as you can while elbowing through dense crowds and waiting for hours in frustratingly long lines, you can easily get carried away by the stress of the day. But despite all this, Black Friday remains a highly anticipated occasion as folks hope to purchase expensive items at unbelievably low prices.

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Must-Have: Your Ultimate Black Friday Survival Guide

If you don’t want to be that person who throws a punch at another shopper over the last flat-screen TV available at a store, you’ll have to learn to keep your cool before you lose your sanity. To help you avoid that fate, Breast Cancer Car Donations has compiled your ultimate Black Friday survival guide. Here are the things you need to do:

1. Do your research.

Even if you’re a Black Friday newbie, do not act like one. In case you’re not aware, the year’s biggest shopping day requires weeks or months of careful planning.

For instance, Black Friday veterans monitor certain sites for sneak previews of the best deals and scope out crowd-management systems for their nearest retail meccas. Furthermore, they compile in-store maps as well as spreadsheets that outline their Friday morning routines. In fact, some of them go at it with military precision after spending hours on online forums to discuss Black Friday strategies.

2. Never wander aimlessly.

Remember the rule of thumb: Never spend more than 20 minutes in one store. Unless you want to be counterproductive by fanning out on small items such as CDs or DVDs and missing out on more deals at other stores, go straight to the item that you came for, then make a run for the checkout line.

3. Find others to join your Black Friday campaign.

It pays to go with a posse because each member of your team can be assigned to focus on a specific section of a store or even go to other stores at the same time. When you hit the mall with two or three of your besties, you’ll increase your chances of getting the items that you actually want.

4. Practice self-control.

It’s extremely important to control your impulses on Black Friday if you want to get more bang for your buck. Keep in mind that Black Friday deals are a tease for retailers because they’re hoping that you’ll come to their stores and walk out with a bunch of items that aren’t greatly discounted.

5. Enjoy your retail experience.

Black Friday shopping is incredibly fun. However, if you’re not cut out for this kind of thrill and excitement, you might just want to sink comfortably into your couch and wait until Cyber Monday.


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