World Kindness Day: 7 Simple Ways to Spread Kindness

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Start Making the World a Better Place on November 13th!

In 1988, an organization called The World Kindness Movement launched World Kindness Day to promote good deeds and acts of kindness. Since then, this day of observance has been held on November 13th of each year, serving as a reminder for everyone that compassion for others is what binds us all together as one global community.

Being kind does not take much in terms of effort. You can make someone’s day even with the simplest gestures. Small acts of kindness are just as important as the big ones, and you can easily do them as you go about your day.

Celebrate World Kindness Day on November 13th by being kind to all the people around you. If you’re not sure how you can get started, Breast Cancer Car Donations offers these seven suggestions:

1. Compliment a stranger.

Give a genuine compliment to someone you don’t know. It can be with how they dress, their smile, or the way they style their hair. In doing this, you’ll feel just as good as them, and you might even win over a new friend.

2. Smile more often.

This is one of the easiest ways to practice kindness. Spread positive vibes around you by smiling more often.

3. Buy your co-worker a cup of coffee.

Surprise your co-worker with their favorite cup of coffee. Tell them you don’t expect anything in return for it and that you hope it makes their day.

4. Tell someone you love how much you care for them.

You can say this to your mom. dad, close friend, or your significant other. Tell the people you love how much you appreciate having them in your life. It would touch the heart even more if you could tell this to them in person.

5. Give flowers.

Buy flowers and give them to a stranger or a friend. You don’t need to buy expensive ones. It’s the thought behind the gift that counts.

6. Leave a generous tip.

When eating out, make sure you leave a big tip behind. This will surely brighten the day of the waiter or waitress who served your food.

7. Buy meals for the homeless in your community.

Some people rarely get to enjoy a decent meal because they can’t afford it. Spread kindness by buying a meal for a homeless person in your area.


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