Women’s History Month: 8 Trailblazing Women Who Changed the World

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This March, Meet 8 of the Most Inspiring Women from the Past

Women’s History Month, which is celebrated in March, allows us to pay tribute to influential women who forever changed the course of history in their respective countries. This month-long celebration is the best time to recognize their accomplishments and learn more about the struggles and challenges they had to overcome. Despite facing numerous obstacles, these women remained tenacious and persistent throughout their journey, determined to finish what they sought to accomplish.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Breast Cancer Car Donations gives you 8 trailblazing women who played a pivotal role in changing their nation’s history. Here they are:

1. Rosa Parks

Almost everyone knows who Rosa Parks is. Deemed as “The First Lady of the Civil Rights” and “The Mother of Freedom Movement,” she made waves in 1955 when she refused to give up her bus seat to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama. This courageous act led to a turning point in the civil rights movement in America.

2. Susan B. Anthony

Social reformer and women’s rights activist Susan B. Anthony was a pioneer crusader for the women’s suffrage movement in America.  She devoted her life to promoting racial and gender equality. She was the one who paved the way for the inclusion of the 19th Amendment in our Constitution, which gave women the right to vote. In her honor, she became the first woman to appear on a U.S. coin.

3. Ada Lovelace

With the computer industry dominated by men, you might be astonished to learn that the first computer programmer was a woman. Ada Lovelace was an English mathematician with impressive skills in analytical engineering and numerical algorithms. She was also an associate of Charles Babbage, who is considered by many as the “Father of the Computer.”

4. Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale was a statistician, social reformer, and nurse all rolled into one. Not only did she discover modern nursing, but she also established St. Thomas’ Hospital and the Nightingale Training School for Nurses in London in 1860. She earned the nickname of “The Lady with the Lamp” as she was known to make her rounds tending to the wounded and ill every night.

5. Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa exemplified the true meaning of kindness, sacrifice, and strength. The Albanian Roman Catholic nun spent most of her life in India, caring for the sick and destitute families. She founded the Missionaries of Charity in 1950. Her work included managing homes for dying people, orphanages, soup kitchens, and offering assistance to the poorest of the poor.

6. Elizabeth Fry

If it weren’t for the actions taken by philanthropist and reformer Elizabeth Fry, many prisoners in England during the Victorian period would have suffered greatly in their cells. Seeing how these people were harshly treated, she led a successful campaign to make prison conditions more humane. No wonder Britons call her the “Angel of Prisons.”

7. Muriel F. Siebert

Ever wondered who was the first woman of finance? She’s Muriel F. Siebert, a woman who made history when she became the first female to own a seat at the New York Stock Exchange in December 1967.

8. Harriet Tubman

When you hear someone mention the Underground Railroad, we’re pretty certain that the name Harriet Tubman would come into mind. The brave African American woman, who was born into slavery, rescued hundreds of enslaved people and enabled them to gain freedom when she led them through a hidden network of safe houses. Now that’s what a real heroine looks like!


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