Women’s Equality Day: 5 Key Issues Women Are Still Facing Today

Women's Equality Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Get a Better Understanding of the Challenges They’re Up Against

While women today continue to fight for equal work opportunities, just compensation, and reproductive health benefits, many before them struggled against oppression and fought bravely to be recognized as an equal part of society.

August 26th is observed in the United States as National Women’s Equality Day to mark the historical milestone when women were finally allowed to exercise their right to suffrage with the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution in 1920.

Women’s Equality Day is the perfect time to celebrate the gains of the women’s rights movement. It also provides an opportunity for people to look closely at the key issues being faced by women today. Breast Cancer Car Donations shines a light on these issues:

1. Gender gap

The United States ranks 19th in the world in terms of women’s representation in government. In particular, only one-fifth of the members of Congress are women. There is also an evident gap in terms of pay for female professionals compared to their male colleagues. This was underscored by actress Meryl Streep in her Oscars speech several years ago. The outspoken veteran actress emphasized that the problem persists across all industries.

2. Economic empowerment

In some parts of the world, women are still considered second-class citizens, unable to obtain or inherit property or get access to credit. Some women are expected to perform unpaid hours of domestic labor or are underrepresented in labor negotiations.

3. Health and safety

Maternal health is an issue that is often overlooked in many countries with insufficient programs to ensure women’s prenatal and postnatal care.

4. Gender-based violence

One of the pressing issues that women face is gender-based violence. It is a human rights violation that takes the form of physical and sexual abuse of women and children, with the victims fearing to speak up to avoid persecution from their communities.

5. Education

Education is one of the primary tools for empowerment. However, in many developing countries, a huge percentage of students who drop out of school are girls. This is attributed to families with limited resources favoring the education of their sons instead of their daughters.


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