Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty for Taking Breaks at Work

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3 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Pause from Time to Time

Do you find yourself feeling guilty every time you take a break from work, or perhaps, life itself? You shouldn’t. Feeling guilty whenever you allow yourself to rest and recuperate will do you no good.

Whether you’re a workaholic or someone with a type B personality (relaxed and easy-going), it’s crucial to stay focused and energized throughout the day in healthy ways. One way to achieve this is by simply taking a break from time to time.

The timing of a break isn’t set in stone. Some days you might feel like taking a break is not that necessary, while other days might find your mind and body telling you that you badly need one. The key is to slow down and press the pause button when you need to nourish and nurture yourself.

Regardless of when you’re giving yourself a much-deserved timeout, feeling guilty for it shouldn’t be a part of the equation. Trust us, it’ll only fuel the stress that’s already in you.

Here are three compelling reasons why you shouldn’t feel guilty for taking breaks from your work:

1. It helps you become more productive.

Though it may sound counterintuitive, taking breaks can actually boost your productivity. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to do so. Stepping away from your desk plays a key role in restoring your focus and energy. A lunch break can prevent an unproductive mid-afternoon slump. What’s more, following a schedule of regular breaks will make it easier for you to work toward your deadlines.

2. It helps you cultivate healthier habits.

When you’re too busy at work without any time to de-stress, healthy habits like eating right and getting plenty of sleep can drop by the wayside. A proper lunch break can give you time to incorporate these healthy habits into your working days. For instance, it would be better for you to prepare a meal that’s packed with essential nutrients rather than grab a store-bought sandwich. You could even try squeezing in a 10-minute walk outside or a power nap to clear space in your working mind.

It’s also worth mentioning that staying away from your smartphone or computer every 20 minutes (and looking at something around 20 feet away for 20 seconds) will help lower your risk of developing computer vision syndrome, a condition that usually manifests as eye strain and headaches.

3. It enhances your creativity.

Not pressing the “pause” button, especially if it’s a demanding task you’re taking on, might hurt your creativity. With your cognitive capacity exhausted, you might find it more difficult to get your creative juices flowing.

Taking a break recharges your mind, which may allow you to gain fresh perspectives on challenging projects. On the other hand, skipping lunch to continue pushing forward with the task at hand might only drain your brain. You might find it even harder to concentrate.


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