Who Is Recommended to Get the Flu Shot?

Who Needs to Get the Flu Shot | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Get Vaccinated if You Belong to a High-Risk Group

Although influenza viruses circulate throughout the United States all year-round, the flu activity peaks between December and February in most areas. In other words, a large number of people get the flu sometime during the fall and winter seasons. If you don’t think that you need to get a flu shot, think again.

Coming down with the flu is one of the most uncomfortable experiences anyone can have. In some cases, this can even lead to life-threatening complications. Now that the flu season is here, the last thing we’d want to see is for our healthcare system to buckle under pressure while simultaneously testing and caring for influenza and COVID-19 patients.

To say that the flu shot is worth getting is an understatement. However, the question is, who is recommended to get it?


Who Needs to Get the Flu Shot?

In case you’re not aware, a person can get infected with both the influenza virus and the novel coronavirus, which causes COVID-19. Although the flu shot may only give you 60% protection, it’s way better than getting no protection at all.

Anyone can benefit from getting the flu shot. In particular, those who belong to a high-risk group can’t afford to skip it. These individuals have very high chances of developing complications such as pneumonia (an illness that affects the lungs and is marked by symptoms such as cough, fever, and difficulty of breathing), bronchitis (an illness that causes the airways connecting to the lungs to become swollen, red, and full of mucus), as well as sinus and ear infections.

You should get yourself vaccinated if you belong to any of these high-risk groups:

  • Those who are 65 years or older;
  • Those who live in an assisted care facility or a nursing home;
  • Those who have a weakened or impaired immune system;
  • Those who have chronic health conditions that include asthma, diabetes, HIV, or heart disease;
  • Healthcare professionals who are constantly exposed to individuals who are sick;
  • Pregnant women (if you’re pregnant, be sure to ask for a flu vaccine that’s free from mercury-based preservatives).

If you’re not sure if getting the flu shot is a safe choice for you, consult your healthcare provider so that you can get more information about the benefits of the vaccine as well as its risks. Moreover, they can provide you with valuable tips for steering clear of other highly contagious diseases.


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People who are grappling with serious health conditions such as breast cancer have a higher risk of developing severe illness if they get infected by the flu virus or the novel coronavirus.

Even without this potentially aggravating illness, breast cancer sufferers already are facing an uphill battle for survival, particularly those who are uninsured and don’t have enough financial resources to pay for the prohibitive costs of cancer treatments and other medical expenses.

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