What Diet? It’s National Chocolate Cake Day!

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What Diet? It’s National Chocolate Cake Day!

Every 27th of January is a day that offers a perfect excuse for you and everyone else to indulge in chocolate cakes. For over 250 years already, chocolate cake has played a huge part in the lives of Americans, satisfying their sweet cravings and serving as comfort food. To show the American people’s love for this delectable dessert, National Chocolate Cake Day was created.


A Short Chocolate Cake History Lesson

Many people may not know this, but chocolate actually started as a beverage up until the 1830s. Although chocolates were introduced by the Aztecs 3,000 years ago, with the first cakes baked by the ancient Egyptians around the same time, chocolate cakes would only come into existence in 1765, thanks to Dr. James Baker and a certain chocolate maker.

The Bostonian doctor discovered that chocolate could be created by grinding cocoa using an old mill. Together with the chocolate maker, he’d grind up cocoa beans between millstones to form a thick syrup, which would then be poured into cake-shaped molds. The first-ever chocolate cake was thus invented.

In 1847, one of the world’s earliest chocolate cake recipes was published in The Lady’s Receipt Book by famed Philadelphia cookbook author, Eliza Leslie. It was in the late 1920s when the first boxed cake mix was created by a company named O. Duff and Sons. Twenty years later, particularly in 1947, Betty Crocker sold its first dry cake mixes.


Spending National Chocolate Cake Day

It’s quite obvious that having a dish of chocolate cake for dessert is the best way to celebrate this fun holiday. Whether it’s chocolate fudge cake, Black Forest cake, or decadent chocolate cake, there’s not a doubt that you’ll end up with an extremely satisfied tummy. If you happen to be on a diet, don’t be afraid to use this occasion as your cheat day – one slice wouldn’t hurt!

Sharing this wonderful day with friends and family will make it even more enjoyable. Bake a cake from scratch or buy a box from your favorite bistro, invite your loved ones over, and make the most of the holiday devouring the chocolate goodness with good company.


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