Ways to Observe World Health Day

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6 Ways to Observe World Health Day on April 7th

As the old saying goes, “Health is wealth.” This is exactly what the World Health Organization (WHO) wants to remind us as we observe World Health Day on the 7th of April. The global campaign focuses on the major health challenges we face.

Different themes are assigned each year, with topics ranging from climate change to mental disorders, such as depression. This 2020, the theme is universal health coverage, WHO’s primary goal this year is to provide impoverished individuals access to quality health care services. These include disease prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and palliative care.

Organizations, businesses, and schools in various parts of the world are expected to host events aimed at educating people about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


How You Can Take Part

While knowing and understanding current health issues is the easiest way to observe World Health Day, there are some other activities you might want to partake in. To make the most of this significant day, check out our suggestions below:

  • Educate others.

From the book that you’ve read or the documentary you’ve watched about certain health issues, share what you’ve learned to your friends and family through social media or private conversations.

  • Attend a health seminar or conference.

As there will likely be lots of health events in your city to mark World Health Day, attending one would be a great idea to mark the occasion. Listen to the messages of prominent speakers. You might even have an opportunity to raise any concerns that you might have regarding a certain health topic.

  •  Spread the message.

Let everyone know that you support the observance of World Health Day by posting about it on your social media platforms. Don’t forget to remind them to check on their physical and mental health.

  • Have a medical check-up.

If your ridiculously hectic schedule has been stopping you from seeing your physician for several months now, you better make this day a mandatory visit to the doctor’s office. Get your cholesterol and blood levels checked, among other crucial health parameters.

  • Reflect on your lifestyle.

Use World Health Day as a time to step back and rethink your lifestyle choices. If you’re a frequent smoker or drinker, reduce your use of tobacco or alcohol, or stop using them altogether. Start a healthy diet, get fit, and say no to bad habits.

  • Organize a conversation in your neighborhood about a health topic.

Invite your fellow community members to talk about any issues concerning health care. You can find free information toolkits and resources at WHO’s official website.


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