Top 5 Topics You Should Avoid At All Costs This Thanksgiving

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Top 5 Topics You Should Avoid at All Costs This Thanksgiving

Perhaps last year’s disastrous Thanksgiving dinner is still fresh in your memory, and the last thing that everybody in the family needs is another dreadful conversation that might eventually lead up to another train wreck. Since this is the season when we’re called to be grateful for everything that we’re fortunate enough to have, you’re hoping against hope that everyone at the table will just focus on the turkey and be on their best behavior.

The good news is that you can do something to turn this year’s holiday dinner into a warm and fuzzy Folgers commercial instead of a dysfunctional gathering.

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What Are the Top 5 Topics You Should Avoid at All Costs This Thanksgiving?

For the sake of your mental health and your family’s peace, you’ll need to watch out for hot button conversation topics that could cause family members to leave the table, swearing never to speak to each other again. To help you host a drama-free holiday dinner, Breast Cancer Car Donations gives you the top five topics you should avoid at all costs this Thanksgiving.

1. Family gossip

Although it’s tempting to share your opinion about cousin Annie’s cheating boyfriend, it’s best to keep your thoughts to yourself. Otherwise, everyone in that beautiful family dining room will remember your bad behavior instead of the person you’re talking about. Also, never bring up the personal arguments that you have with your partner if you don’t want to give everyone a reason to say more about your relationship than what you meant to reveal.

2. Money

Even under the best of circumstances, money is still considered to be a touchy subject. This is why holiday meals never work well with discussions about loans, how much money you’re making, how broke you are, or other personal financial matters. Money talk leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth and ruins the delicious pumpkin pie.

3. Religion

Don’t use the day for gratitude and good turkey to condemn a sibling’s decision to become Wiccan or to announce your conversion to atheism. Talking about religion at the Thanksgiving table is like walking on thin ice. It’s a topic that brings out passionate opinions that could hurt feelings and cause explosive arguments.

4. Politics

Not everyone around your Thanksgiving table holds the same political views, which is why it’s important to avoid making declarations of love or hatred towards President Trump or using broad-group insults that could quickly cause people to throw tact and decorum out the window.

5. Family plans

Don’t even think about saying anything about the number of kids that your cousin has or asking when they’ll start a family. Remember that no one likes to be put on the spot about their reproductive decisions. Leave them alone and let them enjoy their turkey in peace.


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