Top 3 Unusual Christmas Eve Traditions Around the World

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December 24th Sees These Wonderfully Weird Traditions

Different people have different ways of celebrating Christmas Eve. These traditions could be anything from setting out cookies and milk for Santa before going to bed or feasting over delicious home-cooked meals until the wee hours of Christmas morning. Whatever your Christmas traditions maybe, your holiday celebration won’t be complete without them.


What Are the Most Unusual Christmas Traditions Around the World?

Did you know that in some parts of the world, Christmas Eve is celebrated in the most unusual ways? People from different countries have their own customs and rituals. To give you an idea, here are three wonderfully weird Christmas Eve celebrations overseas:

1. Lithuania: Dining with the dearly departed

Christmas Eve is a big deal among Lithuanians because it’s all about fostering stronger bonds among family members. People try their best to make the journey back home in time to share the meal of Kūčios with their loved ones. Even their dearly departed are invited to return for the meal because they set a place for them with plates that have single candles lighted in the center. Each time the flame flickers, the family takes this as a sign that their loved one’s spirit is there celebrating with them.

This meal consists of 12 different dishes, which are mostly vegetables, fish, and bread. They set the table by laying down a white tablecloth over a thin layer of hay so that the family members can later “draw straws” at random. They believe that the straw they end up picking will give them a sign of what their future holds. As soon as the first star appears, the meal starts, and each of them is required to forget their grievances and forgive their enemies.

2. Norway: Hiding brooms

Norwegians believe that witches and evil spirits come out during Christmas Eve to look for brooms that they can ride on. For centuries, people have been hiding their brooms in a safe place where these creatures are least likely to find and steal them.

3. Venezuela: Heading to church on roller skates

In Caracas, Venezuela, people head to church every Christmas Eve on roller skates. To ensure the safety of the city’s residents, the local government closes main thoroughfares to motor vehicles until everyone has already skated back home. Moreover, their Christmas meal consists mainly of tamales, a steamed delicacy, which is a wrap made out of cornmeal dough and meat.


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