Top 3 Ideas to Observe Fair Trade Day

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On May 8th, Spread Equality and Fairness All Around You

Do you know that thousands of individuals are being exploited every day? They are not being paid fair wages and being worked to the bone for hours on end in terrible conditions.

Exploitation isn’t just limited to those who are employed. Some small producers including farmers aren’t being compensated correctly for the products they’ve worked so hard to produce. In the meantime, big corporations get most of the profits, raking in huge returns through their exploitation of vulnerable men and women.

Fair Trade Day was created by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) in 2004 as a way to spread awareness about fair trade and promote equality in the global economy. WFTO is a global association of 324 organizations in over 70 countries. Fair Trade Day takes place on the second Saturday of May of each year, This year, the event will be observed on May 8th!

It’s an observance to help create a world that is free from people exploiting those at the bottom, promote equality, and help build a more ethical global economy.

We’ve listed some things you can do on May 8th to celebrate Fair Trade Day:

1. Post about Fair Trade Day on social media.

Use social media to spread awareness about Fair Trade Day. Help people understand what it’s all about and how they can participate in their own small way. With one post or photo, you can easily spread information to hundreds if not thousands of people.

2. Buy only products that are fair trade-certified.

Some organizations certify if certain products were produced through fair or unfair trade practices. There are no standard labels, so you might need to familiarize yourself with the different products being sold in the market. You can also check the company websites of the brands that you love for more information about their trade practices and policies.

3. Know the reasons why the world needs fair trade.

Research the importance of fair trade and the people it affects. Be more knowledgeable on fair trade guidelines and how they impact the lives of workers, small business owners, and producers. Awareness and knowledge are the two key foundations you need to become an effective fair trade advocate.


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