Tips for a Good Back-to-School Morning Routine

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Tips for a Good Back-to-School Morning Routine: 5 Ways to Make Mornings Less Stressful for Your Child

Now that another school year is about to start, everyone in your family will have to adjust to a new routine. Parents such as yourself would agree that the first couple of mornings can be a bit tough. As with most kids, yours might still struggle in sticking to a schedule, packing the stuff they need for school, or getting out of bed earlier than usual.

Whether you have a kindergartner, middle schooler, or a teenager in high school, all it takes is a good morning routine to start their day positively. Try following these tips and tricks to make mornings less stressful and more productive for your child:

1. Prepare the night before.

Planning often leads to successful results. In your case, getting things done the night before can result in a smooth and hassle-free school morning. Your to-do list should include planning breakfast, preparing lunches, picking out your child’s clothes, and organizing their backpack. You might also want to have your child get a shower or bath before bedtime, especially if getting out of bed has always been troublesome for them.

2. Wake up early.

Unfortunately for you, snoozing the alarm clock can no longer be an option, or at least as your body’s still trying to adapt to a new schedule. During the first few days, set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than usual so that you can have time to perform your morning ritual without any distractions. Get your caffeine fix, take a shower, prepare breakfast for the family, and wake your child in case they’re still knocked out.

3. Make a morning routine chart for your child.

Kids work well with predictability and repetition. Write a school morning routine checklist and list down all the activities that need to be done, such as the following:

  • Wash face
  • Have breakfast
  • Brush teeth and hair
  • Get dressed
  • Check items in the backpack
  • Grab their backpack and leave for school

If your little one cannot read well yet, you can use a picture schedule. Be sure to go through and explain each of these tasks to your child before the first day of school.

4. Make early wake-ups lighter.

No parent wants to see their kid all grumpy first thing in the morning. Start your child’s day with warm snuggles or a breakfast treat, set their alarm to an upbeat song, or watch a funny video together at the dining table. Don’t forget to recite your daily words of positive affirmations for you and your loved ones, wishing them and yourself a great day ahead!

5. Give out incentives.

What child doesn’t like to be given extra TV time or their favorite snack? Make it a habit to reward your son or daughter every time they wake up early and finish things off before the expected time. That way, you’ll give them something to look forward to every school day.


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