Make Everybody Happy with Your Words, Its March 1—World Compliment Day!

Kind Words on World Compliment Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

March 1—World Compliment Day: Make Everybody Happy with Your Words!

When was the last time you received a compliment from someone? Whether it was sometime last week or just yesterday, we’re sure it made you feel really good. How about spreading good vibes by likewise saying kind and appreciative words to a friend, colleague, or even a stranger?

This 1st of March, let there be smiling faces everywhere as we celebrate World Compliment Day. Named as the “Most Positive Day in the World,” this annual event encourages everyone to be nice to each other by simply paying genuine compliments. True enough, happiness doesn’t need to come in the form of material things as heartfelt praise alone can already mean a lot to just about any human being.


How It Began

The world’s most positive day started in the Netherlands in 2001, thanks to a guy by the name of Hans Poortvliet. Poortvliet thought that it would be a great idea for his fellow Dutch to spread happiness and increase productivity by appreciating one another through the use of positive words. He said even if one person would take a moment to compliment at least three people in one day, the world would be a much better and happier place to live in.

The event was well received by the Dutch and even garnered the attention of Norway and Belgium. Realizing how popular the occasion had become, Poortvliet along with his supporters campaigned to make it a worldwide holiday, paving the way for March 1 to be declared as World Compliment Day.


Use Kinds Words to Create a Positive World

Forget fancy dinners or lavish presents—words are enough to brighten up someone’s day!  Imagine how much happiness you can spread by greeting people in your office and telling them they look great or how big an impact your praises can mean to co-workers who have been exerting their best effort on a project. Not only will you make them feel happy, but you’ll also boost their self-esteem.

This 1st of March, there should be no excuse for you not to make people around you happy. Take time to offer a sincere compliment to them. Whether it’s through social media, texting, or personally, make sure that you give each one of them a compliment that comes from the heart.

Practice Kindness | Breast Cancer Car Donations

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Show Your Goodness on This Day

On March 1—World Compliment Day, you can show the goodness in your heart not just by making people happy with your kind and appreciative words but also by your generous deed. Call us at 866-540-5069 and give suffering breast cancer patients a second chance in life with your car donation!