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Items to Keep in Your Vehicle at All Times: These Things Might Just Save Your Life Picture this out: You’re driving along a street one night in the middle of nowhere, and it’s just you and your Chevy. As you’re singing along to the tunes of Metallica, your car suddenly comes to a screeching halt. You […]

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Cervical Health Awareness Month: Win the War for Women Across the U.S. this January Have you heard that January is the Cervical Health Awareness Month? Nearly 40 years ago, cervical cancer was the major cause of cancer death and the most common type of cancer in childbearing-aged women across the globe. Since it shows no […]

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If you’ve been thinking about making a car donation for Breast Cancer, now is the time! That vehicle you no longer need or want could go a long way toward supporting important programs and services that help people who are hurting — and, provide you with several benefits as a result. What exactly are the […]

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