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Small Business Saturday: 5 Ways for Small Business Owners to Boost Sales

Whether you’re an owner of a local bakery with 10 employees or a manufacturing facility with less than 500 people, you’ll be glad that November 24—Small Business Saturday—is almost here! Although we’re pretty sure that you’ve already marked this on your calendar, Breast Cancer Car Donations shares some tips on how you can make the most out of this annual holiday shopping tradition.


What Counts as a Small Business?

By definition, a small business is a company that’s independently-operated and privately-owned. Obviously, because it’s called a “small business,” it is limited in revenue and size. For this reason, these businesses qualify for preferential tax policy and can apply for government support.

Bakeries, convenience stores, restaurants, guest houses, delicatessens, hairdressers, grocery stores, tradespeople, and photographers are some of the retails or service operations that fall under this category. Web-designing, computer programming, and other Internet-related businesses count as well. Aside from these, professionals such as medical practitioners, accountants, lawyers, and dentists also operate as small businesses.


What November 24—Small Business Saturday—Is All About

Small Business Saturday takes place on the weekend after Black Friday and before Cyber Monday. It was founded in 2010 by the American Express to remind consumers to support local businesses. It also encourages small business owners to improve their marketing strategies, focusing them on the local community.

With the growing number of businesses going big time these days, it has become challenging for small business owners to establish themselves. Hence, November 24—Small Business Saturday—is extremely important because, on this day, the spotlight is focused on the local neighborhood stores and service centers, featuring what they have to offer to the public with the hope of generating more sales for small businesses in every area and improving customer engagement.


What Drives the U.S. Economy Forward?

Most people think that small businesses have little effect on the economy. This is actually incorrect. In fact, small businesses comprise the majority of businesses that propel the U.S. economy.

The numbers can speak for themselves. There are currently 28 million small businesses in the United States today, and they account for more than 50% of the total sales in the country. This is attributed to the fact that customers enjoy services that are more personalized, which they can’t find in large companies.


What You Can Do on Small Business Saturday

If you’re operating a small business, here are some things you can do on Small Business Saturday to keep your cash register ringing:

  • Update your information online.

Many small businesses often overlook the importance of updating their information on social media. Make sure that your business information such as your shop’s name and location is up-to-date.

  • Provide discounts and special offers.

Offer discounts to customers on November 24—Small Business Saturday—to attract more customers to your store. This will help increase the foot traffic in your business and generate more sales.

  • Collaborate with other small business owners.

Work hand in hand with other entrepreneurs to give people more reasons to visit. Collaborate with other business owners and merge your businesses. By joining forces with other businesses, you’re more likely to attract more customers to your shop.

  • Utilize social media.

Join the bandwagon and post informative content about your business on social media. Share some pictures of your preparations and your products and promote your business by using hashtags.

  • Support other small businesses.

Share, retweet, and post about other small businesses to celebrate the occasion. You’ll never know, maybe they’ll return the favor!

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