Purple Heart Day: 5 Things You Need to Know About America’s Oldest Military Award

Purple Heart Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Pay Homage to Our Battlefield Heroes on This Special Day

The Purple Heart is the oldest and one of the most prestigious military awards given by our nation to American soldiers who exemplified courage and bravery in service. Since 1932, some 1.8 million Purple Heart medals have been awarded to American servicemen and servicewomen who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to fight for our country.

Our nation remembers and honors these heroes who were wounded or killed in battle on August 7th — Purple Heart Day. On this day, memorial events, outreach programs, and sports activities are held across the country to pay tribute to Purple Heart awardees.


What You Need to Know About the Purple Heart Medal

In commemorating Purple Heart Day, Breast Cancer Car Donations presents five important historical details about this distinguished U.S. military award:

1. Origin

The original Purple Heart Medal was called the Badge of Merit, which General George Washington decreed in 1782. The award was given to soldiers who performed any “singularly meritorious action.” Only three badges were given out in 1783 before they faded from use.

2. How it became the Purple Heart

In 1932, on George Washington’s 200th birth anniversary, the Badge of Honor was revived in the form of the Purple Heart. The Purple Heart was given to soldiers who were wounded or killed while doing commendable actions on the battlefield.

3. First medal recipient

General Douglas MacArthur was the first soldier to receive the Purple Heart for his significant contributions to the Pacific Theater during World War II.

4. What purple represents

The color purple represents the virtues of courage and bravery, which makes it a perfect color for our military’s highest award.

5. Purple Heart Roll of Honor

You can look up all the recipients of the Purple Heart through the roll of honor of the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor, a New York-based organization that offers important resources about military history and the heroes who gave up their lives for the country. The organization houses a museum and galleries that feature seasonal and permanent exhibits about military conflicts. The museum and galleries showcase letters, journals, films, and recordings about significant events in history.


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