Positive Attitude Month

Choose to be Happy this Positive Attitude Month | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Positive Attitude Month: Why You Need to Stay On the Bright Side and How You Can Do It

Psychologists say thoughts dictate our actions and behavior. If we think positive thoughts, we bring fruitful results. Conversely, if we see certain things as hopeless, we become helplessly miserable.

So the question is: Which one are you? Are you the type who believes that the glass is always half-empty? If that’s your perspective in life, it’s time you change your mindset and see the good in everything, especially now that it’s the Positive Attitude Month of October.

Keeping an optimistic viewpoint can be difficult at first, but you’ll eventually see it paying off with an abundance of rewards – you boost your confidence, attract more wonderful people into your circle, and you get to live a life of contentment.

That’s not all!  Based on numerous scientific findings, we’ve summarized five reasons that should compel you to stay always on the bright side of life:

Believe it or not, having a sunny disposition in life can prolong your years here on earth. Although there’s no exact reason as to why this is so, researchers found that old folks who had no problem with aging would live for another seven and a half years longer than the average lifespan of a person. Now that’s a huge reason for everyone to keep a positive mind!

  • Positive people are more resilient.

As these individuals have a “no giving up” mentality, they’ve developed a habit of rising after every fall. When the going gets tough, they choose to handle the situation calmly. Whereas pessimists would give up on the first try, optimists would still go on and find other means to find a solution.

  • Positive people are healthier.

Another reason to practice positivity is to reduce the chances of getting sick. Numerous studies reveal that men and women with an optimistic outlook are less likely to experience heart disease. Looks like we now know why they live longer!

  • Positive people often succeed in life.

With a positive mindset comes a go-getter ready to face whatever life throws at them. While many perceive challenges as problems, optimistic people see them as motivation. Once optimistic thinkers focus on a certain goal, there’s no stopping them, not even a series of unexpected hindrances that may come their way.

  • Positive people handle stress effectively.

Whether it’s the stress that comes from loads of work, a heavy traffic, or an argument with their spouse, bright-minded people seem to have it all figured out. These individuals know too well that such stress-inducing situations are only temporary, and that there’s always a way to resolve them.


Turn your Negatives into Positives

Changing the way you think doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it will take a lot of time. There will be days where you may feel like giving up, but we assure you, by continuing to push yourself, you’ll be thanking yourself in the future.

We’re here to provide you with five simple tips to help you on your journey to positivity:

  • List down the negatives.

Make a list of things that frustrate you. Think of ways you can manage them in a positive manner.

  • Let go of your mistakes.

Many of us fear the possibility of making the same mistake all over again due to a past experience. Instead of telling yourself that you can’t do it, let go of that thought and just believe that you’re capable of doing better.

  • Practice positive self-affirmations.

Learn to compliment yourself. Remember, the more you believe in yourself, the more efficient you become.

  • Offer a helping hand.

Whether it’s by volunteering in your community, holding a door for an old lady or donating to a local charity, helping others is a great way to start bringing a positive impact.

  • Stick to the company of optimistic people.

As they say, birds of the same feather flock together!

Cheerful Woman on a Positive Attitude Month | Breast Cancer Car Donations

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