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Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Inspire Kids to Explore Career Options At an Early Age On Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day Has your little one always been fascinated with your work? Do the eyes of your kids light up whenever you talk to them about your day at the office, laboratory, or school? If so, they will definitely […]

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This Man Struggling from Deep Stress | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Stress Awareness Month: How to De-stress Yourself Do you know that since 1992, people have been observing Stress Awareness Month every April? This is an opportune time to know more about the effects of stress on the human body and how we can manage the stresses of life. Stress is being felt by people all […]

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Face Painting | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Donate Life Month: ‘Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud’ The American people are being encouraged once again to register as an organ and tissue donor as the nation marks Donate Life Month, a month-long event held every April of each year. The event was established by Donate Life America and its partnering organizations in […]

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Alcohol Awareness Month | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Know the Dangers of Alcoholism and Its Link to Breast Cancer This Alcohol Awareness Month Now that April’s here, Americans are expected to set aside the booze and do something healthier instead. In case you don’t know yet, April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Sponsored by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD), the […]

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Siblings on a Beautiful Sunset this Siblings Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Donate an Old Car on Siblings Day and Help Save Lives! The Siblings Day event is a day to honor the relationship that exists between brothers and sisters. This event was founded by Claudia Evart, a New Yorker, who lost her siblings early in her life. There are various ways to celebrate Siblings Day such […]

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Routine Check up this World Health Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Fight Breast Cancer on April 7 — World Health Day! Do you know that for the last 70 years, the guiding vision for April 7 — World Health Day — has always been “Health for All”? The World Health Organization (WHO) established this event to raise global awareness about the various threats to our health. The program […]

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Professionals Walking to Work this Walk To Work Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Let’s Spread the Importance of Walking to Health on April 6 – Walk To Work Day Our busy lives tend to take a toll on our health. Walking to work is a great way to move our body while at the same time improve our health. This Walk to Work Day on Friday, April 6, 2018, […]

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Take a Walk in the Park Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Breathe Nature in on Take a Walk in the Park Day! Take the opportunity to stretch your legs and breathe in as much fresh air as you can on Take a Walk in the Park Day! On March 30th, don’t rob yourself of the chance to enjoy open spaces and rediscover the beauty of nature! […]

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Woman Goofing Around this National Goof Off Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

National Goof Off Day: How to Observe It Differently and In a More Meaningful Way As we observe National Goof Off Day on March 22 and take the time to relax and enjoy, let us call to mind that we have people around us who cannot afford to relax and enjoy the occasion because they’re stricken […]

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Guy Playing around the Office this International Day of Happiness | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Crack Your Biggest Smile for the International Day of Happiness! On March 20th, the entire world will be filled with beaming smiles and sounds of laughter as everyone celebrates the International Day of Happiness! On this day, we encourage you to fill your happiness cup up to the brim! Extra bonus points for you if […]

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