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Woman Celebrating Life | Breast Cancer Car Donations

International Quality of Life Month: A Time to Give, to Love, to Live Did you know that January is International Quality of Life Month? Each year, people gather together to celebrate the coming of a new year which, to many, purports beginning anew. Today, even though we are already a few days into the New […]

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Women on Cervical Health Awareness Month | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Cervical Health Awareness Month: Win the War for Women Across the U.S. this January Have you heard that January is the Cervical Health Awareness Month? Nearly 40 years ago, cervical cancer was the major cause of cancer death and the most common type of cancer in childbearing-aged women across the globe. Since it shows no […]

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Cut Your Energy Costs Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Cut Your Energy Costs Day: Help Fight Breast Cancer! Did you observe Cut Your Energy Costs Day on January 10 by taking steps to reduce your energy consumption? High electricity bills caused by excessive use of heating devices can be overwhelming even though the long cold winter season is now drawing to a close. Cut […]

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Climbing the Stairs on a National Take the Stairs Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Start to Live Healthier by January 9th: National Take the Stairs Day! Participating on January 9th National Take the Stairs Day is a great way to start burning off the holiday weight. This annual event reminds people to start a healthier lifestyle as another year begins. On this day, people are encouraged to take the […]

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Oldtimer Ford | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Pay it forward – the concept of repaying a person’s kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else. Have you ever been the recipient of someone’s kindness? Did the driver in front of you pay your toll? A stranger buy your latte at the local coffee shop? Maybe someone offered to help carry your […]

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Donation Vector Art | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Whether you’re donating furniture, electronics, money, services, or something else entirely — such as a car — there’s a benefit beyond the good feelings produced by giving. While your donation does indeed make a difference to someone in need of assistance, it might also provide you with benefits, too. In many cases, charitable giving can […]

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Researching on Car Donation Value | Breast Cancer Car Donations

If you want to take advantage of a car donation tax deduction, one of the first things you’ll need to know is what value you can claim for your vehicle. Contrary to what you may have heard, you can’t just pick an amount and declare that as your donated car’s value. Rather, there are standards […]

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Car Key on a Table | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Maybe you’ve got a car that no longer runs, but you don’t want to go through the hassles of selling. Or maybe your car’s in decent shape, but you’re just interested in donating it to a good cause. Whatever the reason you’re considering a vehicle donation, knowing how the process works can be confusing. To […]

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Dollar Sign Vector Art | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Donating your old car to charity is a good way to get rid of your unwanted vehicle. In many cases, you can earn a tax deduction for donating a vehicle, but does it make financial sense? If you are wondering, “Why should I donate a car to charity, and how much will it affect my taxes?” […]

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Earth Friendly Vector Art | Breast Cancer Car Donations

It’s not uncommon for eco-conscious people to drive old cars. It’s not because they can’t afford a new one. It’s simply a matter of conviction: The longer you can keep an item in use and out of the landfill, the better for the planet. Right? Well, in the case of your old car, this may […]

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