National Picnic Month: 4 Terrible Mistakes That Can Ruin a Perfect Family Picnic

Family Picnic in July | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Head Out to Your Favorite Green Space and Have a Picnic This July!

Picnics are simply the best! Nothing could be more relaxing than a sunny day spent hanging out with your family while feasting on your favorite foods under the dappled shade of a tree. As we celebrate National Picnic Month this July, it’s time to load up your picnic baskets with the items you need before heading out to a beautiful green space.

However, if you’re not careful, your plans of having a perfect family picnic can quickly turn into a nightmare. If you want to make sure that your picnic goes off without a hitch, Breast Cancer Car Donations has pulled together this list of things that can ruin your picnic.

1. Forgetting to check the weather forecast

Since the weather can make or break a picnic, you’ll want to make sure that you give yourself the best chance of sun by checking the weather forecast the night before. Just in case it rains, you should bring an umbrella or pack extra clothes in case you get wet.

2. Choosing the wrong location

When it comes to having the perfect family picnic, choosing a good location is a must. If the place is too far, your family’s going to be exhausted from the walk. If it’s too windy, your food is going to be sent flying. An ideal location for a picnic is a green space that’s near facilities and parking for your car.

3. Failing to check the wildlife that lives in your picnic location

If you’re planning to get your kids out for some fresh air in the great outdoors, you’ll want to have an idea of the kind of wildlife that lives in your chosen location. Taking your family to a local park where dogs walk every day may be great, but if a family member has a fear of dogs, you may want to have a picnic someplace else.

4. Bringing the wrong picnic items

Avoid bringing these four items when you go on a picnic with your family:

  • Brightly colored plates

If you want to stop the flies, wasps, and bees to be attracted to your picnic even before you’ve eaten anything, be sure to avoid serving your freshly made picnic foods on brightly colored plates. Do yourself a favor by serving everything on plain white paper plates.

  • Red wine

Did you know that a glass of red wine that’s left unattended for a couple of minutes will be filled with drowning fruit flies by the time you get back? Unless you’re willing to attract these insects to your family picnic, leave the red wine at home.

  • Soda

Wasps crave ice-cold soda on a long sunny day as much as you do. Unless you’re willing to spend your day off with your family swatting those pesky wasps, better not bring soda to your picnic.

  • Fruit juice

Bees and wasps couldn’t resist the sweet smell of fruit juice. Unless you want to be greeted by swarms of bees or wasps around the glass of fruit juice that you left out in the sun, don’t make the mistake of bringing fruit juices to your family picnic.

  • Honey

You can expect to see a swarm of bees flying aggressively toward you if you decide to open a pot of honey with you on your family picnic. If you don’t want these insects to attack you, be sure to avoid putting honey in your kids’ sandwiches or on your salads.

  • Burgers and hotdogs

Try swapping protein-heavy, meat-rich foods such as burgers and hotdogs for lighter vegetarian fare to avoid attracting wasps to your food.


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