National Picnic Day: 6 Picnic Essentials You Should Not Forget to Bring Along

Picnic Essentials You Should Not Forget to Bring Along | Breast Cancer Car Donations

It’s Time to Enjoy Springtime Outing with the Family Once Again!

After a lengthy period of staying indoors because of the coronavirus pandemic, Americans are once again stepping outdoors and enjoying the sunshine. With COVID numbers dropping and more people getting vaccinated, many people are once again enjoying informal outdoor gatherings.

April 23rd is a particularly happy day for families and friends because it is National Picnic Day. It’s a day that reminds everyone to enjoy each other’s company amid good food, laughter, and fun activities for adults and kids alike.

Needless to say, the main order of business is to prepare picnic baskets filled with delicious foods to be shared by everyone. Because you might have gone rusty with picnic preparations, here are six things you should never forget to bring for your family’s outing aside from your favorite foods.

1. Swiss knife

Never underestimate the value of a Swiss knife in your family’s picnic, especially when you need a bottle opener, knife, or scissor for cutting a particularly stubborn piece of rope or packaging.

2. Frozen bottles of water

The temperature is getting hotter as summertime approaches. While cold bottles of water are great if you’re going to eat right away, you may want to bring several frozen ones to account for the extended time you spend outdoors while the grownups talk and the kids play among themselves before enjoying the meals and drinks they brought with them. Frozen bottles of water would keep the contents of your cooler colder for a longer time. They would also make for refreshing drinks after the ice has melted.

3. Paper towels

Prepare for messes when holding a picnic. Paper towels can go a long way in helping you clean up messes in a breeze.

4. Alcohol and wet wipes

Although the pandemic is believed to be nearing its end, proper hygiene should still be a priority. Make sure to bring alcohol, sanitizers, and wet wipes, which are helpful not only with sticky spills but also with hands that need cleaning when there are no washing stations or soap around.

5. Trays

Although it’s uncommon to include trays in picnic baskets, they are highly useful in setting up your picnic foods and drinks on uneven surfaces. With trays, you can make more stable bases for the foods and drinks that you brought.

6. Trash bags

It’s important to clean up your picnic site and not to leave any mess behind after your outdoor get-together is finished. The quickest fix is by bringing along garbage bags where every member of your party can put their used paper plates and cups, packaging, and other trash.


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