National Picnic Day: 5 Ways to Stay Safe While Having Outdoor Fun with Your Family or Friends

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Dine Out Alfresco on April 23rd!

Even in the face of the still ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many of us are probably looking forward to celebrating National Picnic Day on April 23rd.

Having meals outdoors was a practice that dates back to French alfresco dining in the mid-18th century. “Picnic” is an iteration of the French word piquenique, which translates to meals eaten outdoors.

Picnicking is a favorite American pastime that we usually plan on doing during spring or summer when the sun is shining bright. It’s a great way for everyone to breathe in the fresh air and for families and friends to enjoy quality bonding time.

Thankfully, we’re free to hold picnics in our backyard, at a park, or any other suitable outdoor location despite the ongoing pandemic. It’s because this leisure activity has been classified as low-risk by health experts. By observing proper protocols, you and your family can momentarily forget about the pandemic and enjoy a relatively safe picnic bonding time on National Picnic Day this April 23rd.

Here are 5 reminders if you’re planning an outdoor picnic with your brood:

1. Plan your location.

Pick a less popular spot to avoid huge crowds. You can also opt to have a picnic in your backyard as a safer choice.

2. Bring the essentials.

Unlike in previous years when all you needed were your picnic blankets and baskets containing your food and beverages, now you need to bring supplies such as masks, sanitizers, and extra water for washing hands.

3. Maintain social distance from other people.

If you’re planning to have a picnic in a public area such as a park, maintain your distance from other picnic-goers. If you are planning to have a picnic with other people, make sure that you maintain a properly distanced setup by bringing separate blankets, foods, and drinks.

4. Wear a mask.

To protect yourself and others from COVID-19, wear a mask when interacting with people outside your household.

5. Pick no contact games.

If you’re planning to play games with other families during your picnic, pick no-contact games such as heads up or charades instead of the typical Frisbee or catch where you have no control over the public space. You’ll still have lots of fun playing these no-contact games while staying safe.


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