National Pharmacist Day: 3 Ways to Say ‘Thank You’

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On January 12th, Learn Why They’re Regarded as Unsung Heroes

You may know pharmacists as the people who stay behind the counter of local pharmacies to dispense medicine and fill your prescription. What you may not know is how important their job is in the medical profession.

That is why January 12th is recognized as National Pharmacist Day. The day is dedicated to promoting awareness of the essential roles that pharmacists play in protecting patients’ health through proper medication.


What Do Pharmacists Do?

Pharmacists work hand in hand with other healthcare professionals. In some hospitals where pharmacists are included in the rounds, a reduced number of medication errors has been noted.

Pharmacists are responsible for ensuring the quality of medicines prescribed to patients. They ensure that medications prescribed to patients are suitable. They also confirm that the calculations of the doses are correct.

Pharmacists also advise patients about medicines, how to take them, and what reactions they may expect from them. They also ensure that the supply of medicine is within the provisions of the law.

All in all, pharmacists are regarded as important front-liners in the medical field. They spent years of study to excel in their profession. To practice as a pharmacist, a candidate must complete a 4-year Master of Pharmacy degree at a university accredited by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), as well as a 52-week pre-registration training period. They also need to get a passing grade in the GPhC registration assessment exam.


How to Express Your Gratitude to Your Local Pharmacists

Now that you know how pharmacists work to protect patients’ health, say “thank you” to your local pharmacists on their special day. Try out the following suggestions.

1. Give them a treat.

If you’re stopping by your local pharmacy to fill out your prescription on January 12th, why not buy a coffee for your local pharmacist? Pair it with a delicious cookie or doughnut to convey your appreciation for their hard work.

2. Say ‘thank you’ directly to them.

Sometimes, expressing your appreciation in words is all it takes to make their day. Showing your high regard for them would mean a lot to them.

3. Post a thank-you note on social media.

You can express your gratitude and appreciation to your local pharmacists on your social media page. Use a hashtag like #NationalPharmacistDay to reach a wider audience. Share your experiences and anecdotes so more people will become aware of the work that they do.


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