National Mental Health Month: How to Know the Difference Between Sadness and Depression

Don’t Confuse Sadness with Depression | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Don’t Confuse Sadness with Depression

It’s perfectly normal to feel down when you’re dealing with disappointment, loss, pain, or any other difficult situation. Many people find it hard to tell others that they’re sad or suffering from depression. Recognizing the key differences between the emotion of sadness and a diagnosis of depression is the first step to helping an affected person process what they’re going through most healthfully.


Sadness vs Depression: A Closer Look

In observance of National Mental Health Month this May, Breast Cancer Car Donations shines the spotlight on the key differences between sadness and depression.

1. While sadness is a natural human emotion, depression is a long-term mental illness.

Since sadness is a basic emotion, anyone who has experienced a breakup, rejection, or disappointment knows what it feels like. Since sadness is an integral part of being human, this emotion can help you process and work through challenging situations in life. However, it shouldn’t lead to general distress or a fundamental change in your attitude and perception toward life.

On the other hand, depression is a mental illness that manifests in different ways. Depression can set in even when your life seems fine and you’re not thinking of a specific event. Someone who suffers from depression may manifest such symptoms as helplessness, exhaustion, loss of motivation and concentration, unreasonable guilt, or having negative expectations of the future.

2. While sadness is a reaction to a specific event, depression is an abnormal general state that occurs without any apparent reason.

People feel sad during somber or stressful times. Although sadness is unpleasant, it’s a normal and healthy reaction to an upsetting or painful event.

On the other hand, depression usually occurs without a clear reason. If symptoms of depression begin to manifest after a specific event, that event was likely the trigger rather than the sole cause of depression. If left untreated, depression can cause a person’s life to go on a downward spiral.

3. While sadness is temporary, depression lasts longer.

Since natural emotions are conscious experiences, they tend to fade with time or continue in lapses during a phase in life. For this reason, it’s possible for a person to feel sad for a few hours before feeling better again. Moreover, a person may feel fine for several hours in a day even during a sad period. The feeling of sadness may go away when they listen to their favorite song, laugh at a joke, or enjoy the company of friends.

On the other hand, depression persists for most of a person’s day for at least two weeks. Since those who suffer from it constantly experience its symptoms, depression defines their entire day. Moreover, the thought of ever feeling better may seem impossible because they don’t have the option to snap out of it.


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