National Medical Assistants Day: Focus on Healthcare Industry’s Other Heroes

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Show Appreciation to These Dedicated Men and Women on October 21st

Heroes usually have loyal sidekicks, and this holds true for our doctors and other health professionals. Doctors focus on treating patients, while medical assistants are tasked to take on clinical and administrative duties.

From interviewing patients and taking vital signs to scheduling appointments and preparing charts, there’s no doubt that medical assistants play a key role in the healthcare industry. That is why the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) created the National Medical Assistants Day. The event takes place every 3rd Wednesday of October, which means that we’ll be celebrating it on the 21st of October this year.

On this day, everyone is encouraged to show their appreciation to these healthcare professionals. Employers, colleagues, and patients use this occasion as an opportunity to express their utmost gratitude to these dedicated men and women.


How You Can Take Part in the Celebration

Whether or not you know someone in the profession, this holiday is open for everybody in the country. Below is a list showing you three simple ideas on how you can celebrate National Medical Assistants Day. Check it out!

1. Tell your doctor how much you value their staff.

Since medical assistants normally work with doctors, let your doctor know how much you admire the work ethics of their staff. Who knows, it might just lead to a salary increase! Then again, only say it when you mean it!

2. Thank them.

If you happen to have an appointment on this significant day, you better grab the chance to thank the staff personally. Plus points if you bring them a cup of iced latte or any token of appreciation!

3. Post on social media.

Share your appreciation by tweeting about medical assistants and why you believe they deserve to be recognized. If you have a friend or relative working as one, it’s the perfect time to post a photo of you together.


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