National Hot Tea Month: Top 7 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

National Hot Tea Month Top 7 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Start the Year Healthy and Happy This January!

After stuffing our tummies with delicious foods from all those holiday parties, it makes perfect sense that we want nothing more than to detoxify our bodies first thing in January. No wonder it’s been designated as the National Hot Tea Month!

If you think coffee is the most consumed beverage across the world, think again. Tea owns that title, and there are clear reasons for this. It’s extremely healthy, provides a sense of relief and calmness right after drinking it, and comes with different flavors, too! What more could you ask for?

Whether you prefer to brew your tea as the Chinese or English do, or you’re fine with just microwaving it, you’d want to make the most of National Hot Tea Month.


Get These Health Benefits from Tea

Perhaps the number one reason why people love to drink tea is its numerous benefits to the body. And what are these benefits, you ask? Breast Cancer Car Donations provides these answers:

1. Tea lowers the risk of heart disease.

Scientists found that drinking tea regularly improves the flow of blood around the body and reduces the risk of clots. Also, tea is known to be rich in flavonoids — antioxidants that slow down the onset of heart disease.

2. Tea strengthens the immune system.

In olden times, our ancestors would consume brewed tea to cure illnesses, including fevers, nausea, colds, and high blood pressure. Fast forward to the present, many people still follow the practice.

3. Tea improves digestion.

Ever noticed how your stomach feels much better after drinking a hot cup of chamomile or ginger tea? That’s because herbal tea contains ingredients that relieve digestion problems such as gas, ulcer, and constipation.

4. Tea hydrates the body.

While water is our primary option to rehydrate our bodies, some scientists believe that tea is just as effective. It may be high in caffeine, but tea serves as a rich source of water. Plus, it’s way tastier.

5. Tea is good for the teeth.

Drinking tea every day can work wonders for your oral health. Besides strengthening your teeth, it also prevents tooth decay and gum disease. Likewise, tea protects your tooth enamel, thanks to its fluoride component.

6. Tea keeps you fit.

Folks who are eager to lose weight or maintain a fit physique often incorporate hot tea into their diet. Why’s that? Well, tea contains catechins, which are compounds that boost your metabolism, as well as caffeine to help you eliminate calories as you move.

7. Tea helps beat cancer.

Believe it or not, drinking tea can help reduce your odds of developing cancer as much as it helps treat its symptoms. Though research is still developing, some high-profile studies indicate that prostate, mouth, and breast cancer cases are surprisingly much lower among those who drink five or more cups of tea a day.


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