National Grilling Month: 4 Grilling Mistakes You’d Want to Avoid

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Celebrate Outdoor Cooking This July!

Now that summer is in full swing, there’s nothing better than bringing your loved ones together and firing up the grill! Since July is National Grilling Month, it’s time to take your outdoor cooking game to the next level by learning a few tips and tricks to get your grilling done right!

Before you grab the grill and enjoy the summer sun while whipping up the best kinds of summer foods for your friends and family to enjoy, Breast Cancer Car Donations gives you a low-down on grilling by sharing these common grilling mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

1. You fail to plan for food safety.

Outdoor cooking makes safe food handling tricky. If you want to ensure a smooth grilling experience, be sure to mentally run through the food items and equipment you need to pack as you go. Besides bringing tools and other items for handling and plating cooked and uncooked meats, don’t forget to pack sanitizers, paper towels, foil, and a set-up to make soapy water to clean and disinfect surfaces.

2. You use too high heat.

You wouldn’t want to feed your guests with charred patties, burst-open sausages, and burnt meats with cold insides. When it comes to grilling, you need to start slow and be patient. If you can’t comfortably hold your hand at least 5 inches from the grill for about a couple of seconds for high heat or 4 to 5 seconds for medium, you’re doing it wrong.

3. You use a dirty grill.

A dirty grill can be the culprit behind messy, off-flavored food that has mystery particles in it. You can’t expect your guests to enjoy the barbecue if you’re not using a clean grill. Bonus tip: The best time to clean the grill is right after cooking while it’s still hot. Give the grill a good scrub while using a sturdy brush that can effectively get rid of all the gunk.

4. You neglect to use oil.

If you don’t want your chicken breasts, fish, veggies, and other lean foods to stick to the grill while you’re cooking, be sure to lightly oil the food. Besides using an oily marinade, you can also choose to use a paper towel that’s moistened with cooking oil to clean the grill rack.


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