National Cupcake Day: 4 Fun Cupcake Facts that May Surprise You

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Get Cupcake Crazy on December 15th!

If there’s one thing that most people find hard to resist, it’s a cupcake that’s both beautiful and delicious. Who wouldn’t want to sink their teeth into one of those pretty little treats? More and more people have grown to love these mouth-watering desserts.

Since cupcakes are small cakes that are baked in cup-shaped foils, they won’t fail to satisfy your sweet tooth without making you feel like you’ve had too much cake. Aside from this, you’ll have plenty of gourmet flavors to choose from.

Although a cupcake isn’t something that you should be indulging in every single day, feel free to get cupcake crazy on December 15th because it’s National Cupcake Day!


The 4 Fun Cupcake Facts That You’d Want to Know

To celebrate National Cupcake Day, we’ve come up with these fun facts about your all-time favorite dessert:

1. Cupcakes were first mentioned in 1796.

Believe it or not, Americans were already eating cupcakes way back in the late 1700s. This sweet treat was first mentioned in 1796 in a cookbook entitled American Cookery by Amelia Simmons.

2. Cupcakes used to be called “number cakes.”

Did you know that before cupcakes were called cupcakes, people used to call them “number cakes” or even “1234 cakes”? The first cupcake makers used these names so that they can easily recall the portions of the ingredients that are used to make them. To make a cupcake batter, they used 1 cup of butter, 2 cups of sugar, 3 cups of flour, 4 eggs, 2 cups of milk, and one spoonful of soda.

3. The British call their cupcakes “fairy cakes.”

While American bakers use buttercream to make cupcakes, bakers from Britain use a lighter glacé icing and call their cupcakes “fairy cakes.” Also, fairy cakes have their tops cut off and these are replaced by two pieces that look a lot like wings.

4. The world’s largest cupcake weighed 1.224 lbs.!

The world record for the largest cupcake ever baked was made by the Merengue Bakery in California in 2009. That record-breaking cupcake weighed a whopping 1,224 lbs. and had over 2 million calories. Moreover, it was 4 feet tall and 10 feet in diameter.


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