National Book Lovers Day: 5 Unique Ways of Showing Your Love for Books

National Book Lovers Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Do Something Different!

Bibliophiles throughout the country are in for a treat on August 9th as we celebrate National Book Lovers Day.

Books are amazing in many ways. They provide information about various subjects and topics. They take readers to different exotic places and incredible adventures. They inspire readers with success stories from extraordinary people who lived through adversity. Some books also help cultivate your creativity.

National Book Lovers Day is a perfect time to curl up with a book, whether it’s a new one bought from the local bookstore or a favorite from your library. If you want to do something special today, Breast Cancer Car Donations shares these unique ways of showing your love for books:

1. Read a book in a different form.

Most book lovers are fans of the printed work not only because of the wonderful stories they contain but also because of the smell of ink and paper. On National Book Lovers Day, expand your horizons and try to read an e-book. Check out a book in epub, mobi, or pdf format. Who knows? You might be taking an entire library on your next trip.

2. Attend a book reading or signing.

Watch out for book signings of your favorite authors in your area. Some publishers schedule these events on National Book Lovers Day as a fan service to loyal readers of their bestselling authors.

3. Stock up on new books.

One thing that bibliophiles believe is that there is no such thing as too many books. Take advantage of sales to stock up on new titles.

4. Donate old books.

Take an inventory of your library to see which of your well-loved tomes would bring joy to kids in need. Donate them to local libraries and book drives to inspire a new generation of readers with the magic that got you hooked in the first place.

5. Create a book nook.

If you’ve gotten bored of your plain decor, why not turn your personal space into a book-themed nook? You can draw inspiration from one particular book, or you can mix and match elements from several. Pinterest has a wealth of design ideas, so it’s bound to be a fun project.


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