National Back to School Prep Day: 6 Tips to Get Your Kids Ready for the Coming School Days

National Back to School Prep Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Get Your Children Excited to Reunite with Their Classmates and Teachers

With school opening just around the corner, you know what this means if you’re a parent. It means setting the timer for waking up early and making preparations for your little ones as they return to school to meet their classmates and teachers.

August 15th is celebrated annually as National Back to School Prep Day. Although it’s not an official holiday, it is a perfect reminder for parents, guardians, teachers, and students to begin prepping for their new school routine.

Breast Cancer Car Donations has compiled these essential things you need to do to make sure your kids are ready for the busy school days ahead:

1. Set up doctor’s appointments.

Make sure your kids are in tip-top shape and have their vaccinations updated.

2. Stock up on food supplies.

Clean out your freezer to make room for easy-to-prepare meals for your kids’ breakfast and lunch. You can also research healthy and nutritious meals that do not require much prep time.

3. Shop for school essentials.

Do an inventory of your kids’ school clothes. They might have outgrown some of last year’s clothes, so they might need additional items in their wardrobe this school year. While you’re at it, refer to the school’s checklist of needed items and make sure your children’s materials are complete to avoid last-minute scrambling later on.

4. Do a dry run.

Wake up your kids as you would on a normal school day and set the goal of making them get onboard the school bus on time. As they brush their teeth and get ready for school, get busy preparing their breakfast and lunch bags. This will give your family an idea for time adjustments before the first day of school.

5. Organize study spaces.

Kids study better with dedicated spaces for learning. However, these spaces typically tend to be littered with random items over the summer when they’re not being used for their original purpose. Have your kids organize their study nooks so that they will be inspired to use them for learning when school starts.

6. Have heart-to-heart talks.

Discuss with your kids matters about school life, health, personal safety, as well as their responsibilities. In reminding them about these things, make it a point to listen to whatever they may say. Reassure them that they can always count on you to listen to issues they need help in dealing with without judgment.


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