National American Eagle Day on June 20th: 3 Bald Eagle Facts that Can Blow Your Mind

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Learn More About America’s Symbol of Patriotism

Majestic in their appearance and undoubtedly powerful predators, bald eagles have been the United States’ emblem bird since 1782. They are easily recognized by their hooked yellow beak, brown body, and white head.

A few decades ago, this American symbol of patriotism, courage, freedom, and strength began to decline in numbers. However, thanks to the thorough conservation efforts made by our government, their numbers have significantly increased.

If you don’t know much about our nation’s national bird, National American Eagle Day on June 20th is the best time to learn more about it.


The 3 Mind-Blowing Facts About the American Bald Eagle

Breast Cancer Car Donations shares these mind-blowing facts about this powerful creature.

1. They have a dive speed of 75-99 mph (120-160 km/h).

There’s no doubt that bald eagles are powerful fliers with speeds reaching 35 to 43 miles per hour or 56 to 70 kilometers per hour when they’re flapping and gliding. However, did you know that their dive speed is between 75 to 99 miles per hour or 120 to 160 kilometers per hour? After capturing their prey, bald eagles use their hooked yellow beak to pull flesh out before they eat it.

2. They’re loyal to their mates.

If there’s an animal that can perfectly exemplify the pledge of till death do you part, it would be the bald eagle. This bird remains hitched until its mate dies and often returns to the same nest year after year.

When they reach four or five years old, bald eagles choose mating partners through courtship rituals. These rituals involve spectacular aerial acrobatics and numerous calls. Once they’re coupled, the two bald eagles will mate for life. They only find new partners when their mates disappear or die.

3. They have two centers of focus.

Did you know that the bald eagle’s eyesight is eight times better than that of humans? This is made possible by their two centers of focus or two foveae that allow them to see both the side and forward simultaneously. Their retina’s nerve density gives their vision a significant boost.

Like other bird species, bald eagles also have color vision and their eyes are almost as large as those of humans. They can see fish in the water even when they’re several hundred feet above. They can also see a rabbit a mile away.


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