National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month

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National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month: Why Substance Abuse Needs to be Tackled More Seriously

One of the biggest issues many Americans face today is substance abuse. Whether we’re talking booze or drugs, millions of our fellow countrymen and women have fallen victim to these addictive substances. As devastating as it may sound, many of these substance-dependent individuals end up experiencing major physical, emotional, and mental health problems.

Take a look at the list of facts below to understand why alcohol and drug addiction needs to be addressed more seriously:

  • As the third leading lifestyle-related cause of death in the U.S., alcoholism claims 88,000 lives a year on average.
  • Six people die from alcohol poisoning every day.
  • Excessive alcohol use leads to chronic health and psychological problems such as stroke, dementia, liver diseases, cardiovascular diseases, increased risk of cancers, depression, and even suicide.
  • An estimated 72,306 people died from drug overdose in 2017.
  • Drug overdose is the top cause of accidental death in the U.S.
  • Excessive use of drugs results in severe and permanent brain damage, violent behavior, schizophrenia, impaired memory, and suicidal tendencies.

Despite these upsetting facts and figures, we can’t say that all hope is lost for these men and women. Thanks to rehabilitation centers and treatment programs, many of these individuals are able to overcome their addiction and overcome their destructive habits for good. After seeing a huge number of patients undergo successful recovery, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) came up with the idea of having a National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month.

Also known as Recovery Month, this month-long nationwide event is celebrated every September. Fully recovered patients are given the recognition they deserve for their commitment, discipline, and determination to sober up. The event also honors the psychologists, doctors, and caregivers who have made their recovery possible.

What exactly happens on National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month?

During the entire month of September, thousands of rehabilitation and treatment centers from all over the country celebrate their success through a variety of fun-filled activities. These may include walkathons, fun runs, wellness celebrations, and educational events.

You might also get the chance to witness former substance dependents talk about their addiction battle and how they were able to emerge victorious. Some might share their experiences to help others who are also going through the recovery phase.

If you have a friend who’s currently struggling with substance abuse, you can help by encouraging your friend to seek help. Below are the hotlines of organizations that can provide huge assistance to your friend. Consultation is free, confidential, and available 24/7. A specialist or licensed counselor will be at the other line, ready to lend an open ear.

  • National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD)

1 (800) NCA-CALL (622-2255)

  • National Directory of Drug Hotlines, Narcotics Hotlines, and Crisis Intervention Centers



  • National Institute on Drug Abuse

1(800) 622- HELP (4357)

  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) National Helpline

1 (800) 662-HELP (4357)

1 (800) 487-4889 (TDD) for hearing impaired

  • National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD)

1 (800) NCA-CALL (622-2255)

  • Al-Anon & Alateen



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