Missed Cinco de Mayo Celebration? Here Are 5 Top Party Tips Next Time Around

Celebrate Mexican Culture | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Celebrate Mexican Culture!

Were you able to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your friends and family last May 5th? If you missed the celebration for whatever reason, nothing’s stopping you from reliving the fun and merriment of this Mexican-themed holiday.

While some people believe that Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s Independence Day, that’s actually a misconception. The fact of the matter is that the holiday commemorates the Battle of Puebla, when a poorly equipped Mexican force defeated well-armed colonialist French troops on May 5th, 1862.

Fast forward to the present, Cinco de Mayo is no longer just a time to remember the historic event. It has also been widely accepted as a time to celebrate Mexican culture. On this day, certain states would hold local parades and street events where folks would dance and jam to Mexican music. Businesses would promote Mexican goods and services to the public, while schools would organize programs to educate their students on the Mexican culture.

If you’re planning a grand celebration of Cinco de Mayo in 2023 after missing out on the celebration this year, here are five top party tips you might want to consider:

1. Hire a Mariachi band.

There’s no better way to get your guests more in the mood to celebrate Mexican heritage than by having a live Mariachi band playing lively songs. Everyone loves being serenaded, so imagine how exciting your party may turn out to be if you have a live band performing with gusto.

2. Have a mustache selfie contest.

Buy packs of various stick-on mustaches. Have each of your guests wear one, and get them to take fun selfies in their best poses. Decide as a group who deserves to be the winner. One way to reward them is by printing that winning photo and getting it framed for them!

3. Start a nacho-eating battle.

Blindfold your participating guests and offer them bowls of chips-and-messy-dip. Declare the one who finishes first as the winner of the nacho-eating contest. A fun activity like this will surely get everybody pumped up!

4. Build a taco bar.

Who doesn’t love a DIY taco bar? Give your guests the freedom to make their own tacos to satisfy their tummies. Serve soft and hard shells as well as loads of toppings — from meats and grilled veggies to Mexican rice and shredded cheese. Yum!

5. Ask your guests to wear red, white, and green attires.

The Fourth of July parties are all about the colors red, white, and blue. For Cinco de Mayo, show some love for Mexican culture by asking your guests to get dressed in the colors of the Mexican flag — red, white, and green.


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