Mark Your Calendars, October 4th is National Taco Day!

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Time to Celebrate Tacos!

Taco lovers in all parts of the country have so much to look forward to on October 4th — it’s National Taco Day! This Mexican dish is so well-loved by many that people have even made a holiday for it. Then again, considering that we have Taco Tuesdays, it isn’t that surprising!

You might be surprised to learn that tacos have been around since 1,000 BC, although Americans only knew about these delicious treats in 1905. In case you’re wondering how they got their way here, it was all thanks to the owners of San Antonio Chili Queens, who were, of course, Mexican immigrants. They tried their luck by opening a food stall in the River City, and sure enough, their tacos were a hit among the public.

Fast forward to now, millions of Americans eat tacos each year. A recent survey showed that 19 out of every 20 people love their tacos. As for Taco Bell, it has become one of the most popular food chains in the country, with half of the population visiting their local Taco Bell once every 11 days.


Make the Most of National Taco Day

Whether you like your tacos folded or rolled, with veggie crumbles or beef fillings, one thing’s for certain, National Taco Day is a celebration you wouldn’t want to miss. Here are some ideas to celebrate this special occasion:

1. Make your own taco.

Show off your culinary skills by creating a homemade taco. It can be your usual variety or, if you want to be adventurous this time, play with the fillings and condiments. Who knows, it might just be your best Mexican dish yet!

2. Try a new recipe.

You can find a wealth of taco recipes online, from cooking e-books to Pinterest posts and YouTube videos. Look for a taco variety that intrigues you, buy the ingredients, and make sure you follow those steps from start to finish.

3. Head over to your favorite taco place.

Taqueria, Taco Bell, or a Mexican restaurant — it doesn’t really matter as long as there’s a menu full of mouth-watering tacos to satisfy your appetite. You might even want to hop from one restaurant to another and check for special deals.

4. Throw a taco party.

Everybody loves taco parties, so why not host one on National Taco Day? Set up a taco bar where your guests can customize their tacos based on their favorite toppings. Don’t forget the margaritas, lively mariachi songs, and the pinata!

5. Hand out free tacos.

There’s no better way to share your love for tacos than by giving them to those dear to your heart.


Save Lives on National Taco Day

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