Labor Day

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Labor Day, September 3: Here’s How You Can Celebrate this Holiday in the Most Meaningful Way

September brings so much significance for us Americans. Not only is it the start of a new school year for our young ones, but it’s also the month when we honor our citizenship and appreciate our grandparents. Moreover, it’s also the month when we pay tribute to our nation’s workers as we celebrate Labor Day.

Falling on the first Monday of September every year, Labor Day pays homage to our hard-working workers and their social and economic achievements. This September 3, we are reminded of their numerous contributions to our economy.

As one of the 10 federal holidays in the country, Labor Day gives all of us the chance to rest, unwind, or spend time with our loved ones. It’s a day off for everyone—government and private workers as well as business owners. It’s also the last chance for kids and teens to enjoy summer before it officially comes to an end.


How It All Began

September 5, 1882 marked the first celebration of Labor Day in America. On that date, New York City workers participated in a parade headed by the Central Labor Union. Despite this, however, it was the state of Oregon that first declared a Labor Day holiday on Feb. 21, 1887.

During the next seven years, 30 more states also made Labor Day a holiday. Finally, in the year 1894, the U.S. Congress came to a unanimous decision to approve it as a national holiday.

From that moment on, Americans would celebrate the annual occasion with parades, festivals, and picnics. In some states, notable figures would make speeches to inspire working men and women.


Observing Labor Day

Fireworks and colorful parades are a huge part of this special day. It’s also not uncommon to see our neighbors having a barbeque party in their backyards. Many families spend the holiday with picnics or going on a trip.

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