March 8—A Day to Celebrate Women’s Rights and Achievements

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March 8—International Women’s Day: A Day To Celebrate Women’s Rights and Achievements

With the numerous campaigns and demonstrations by female activists to promote women’s rights, it’s not surprising that female empowerment has become such a huge thing in nearly all parts of the world. Women are now being recognized for their worth as well as their roles as strong influencers in society. Gender equality has also started to become the norm in many parts of the world. Hopefully, with events such as the March 8—International Women’s Day, the female empowerment movement will grow even more.

Taking place every 8th of March, the global event celebrates the achievements of women of different backgrounds through the ages. At this time of the year, powerful female figures also speak up and inspire their fellow women. International Women’s Day is likewise a fitting occasion for stakeholders to inject new life in the fight against discrimination, abuse, and gender inequality.

First held in 1911, International Women’s Day has become a well-recognized holiday all over the world. It was originally held on March 19 to celebrate the date when Prussian King Frederick William IV vowed to give women the right to vote in 1848. Unfortunately, the promise was never kept, which consequently led to the date being moved to March 8 in 1913.

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What Happens on International Women’s Day

On this day, various events are held worldwide—from conferences and seminars to dinners and luncheons. Prominent female personalities—particularly those who have made an impact in government, communities or workplaces—are invited to serve as speakers in those events. In honor of women, cities would host parades or street marches.

Schools and universities would hold debates or lectures about the lives of distinguished women in their country, the contributions they made to society, as well as the common issues still faced by women today. As for companies, some observe the event by distributing notices or newsletters to their employees extolling the significance of the occasion. Others would acknowledge the contributions made by all their female employees and superiors, appreciating them for the hard work they’ve done and are still doing.


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