International Picnic Day: 3 Practical Ways to Enjoy an Ant-Free Picnic

Practical Ways to Enjoy an Ant-Free Picnic | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Keep Those Foraging Creatures Away from Your Food!

Ants can quickly turn your lovely picnic into a nightmare. These party crashers won’t hesitate to dig into your watermelon, sub sandwiches, and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies even before you do. Thankfully, you can do a few things to stop these foraging creatures from ruining a perfect outing.


How to Stop Annoying Ants from Joining Your Picnic

There’s nothing more frustrating than ants interrupting your picnic plans. For this reason, Breast Cancer Car Donations has put together a few tips to keep these pests at bay. Before heading out to your favorite spot at the park or near the lake in time for International Picnic Day on June 18th, be sure to follow these suggestions:

1. Watch where you set up your picnic.

Keep an eye out for ant hills or trails and avoid setting up your picnic near these areas. Since ants and other critters often swarm around garbage cans to gather food from scraps left behind, it’s best to set up away from these ant magnets. Otherwise, you’ll increase your chances of sharing your food with unwanted guests.

2. Keep your food covered.

Pesky ants are opportunistic menaces that won’t hesitate to take advantage every time you let your guard down. Don’t forget that these creatures have this uncanny ability to smell food from afar. For this reason, you’d want to place strongly scented foods such as fruit, soda, and desserts in tightly sealed containers. If you want to go the extra mile, shielding your food and drinks with domed covers will prevent flies and other bugs from landing on your sumptuous meals.

3. Place barriers.

Since ants can be extremely persistent in trying to get to your food, it’s best to place barriers around your picnic. Depending on your location, you can use water, talcum powder, or chalk to reduce these insects’ chances of success. They hate crossing over these substances.


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