International Day of Persons with Disabilities: How to Interact with Those Who Have Special Needs

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Educate Yourself About Disability Issues on December 3rd

In 1992, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the annual observance of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Since then, countries around the world have been celebrating this event every December 3rd. Aside from raising public awareness regarding disability issues, the campaign seeks to highlight the importance of making society more inclusive and accessible for all —  whether able-bodied or disabled.


5 Helpful Tips for Interacting with Persons with Disabilities

Some people assume that those who are living with a certain disability aren’t really discriminated against and that full equality prevails for everyone in our country. Unfortunately, this is just wishful thinking. Nevertheless, you have the choice to be more accepting of people with disabilities.

A great way to start is to learn how to interact with them. Here are some helpful tips regarding this:

1. Get rid of your assumptions.

It’s not right to make assumptions about a person or their needs just because they have a disability. Assuming that you know what’s best for them is offensive in itself. This means that you should ask before you offer to assist them with anything. They’re the ones who know what they need and how this need can best be met.

2. Don’t be offended when they decline your offer to assist them.

Keep in mind that they don’t always have the same preferences. Some people prefer to complete a specific task on their own even if they might look like they’re struggling. If they do ask for assistance, be sure to ask for clear instructions on how to help them.

3. Talk directly to them.

When you’re talking to a person with a disability, make sure that you speak directly to them and not to their interpreter, personal care attendant, or friend. For instance, if you’re talking to a person in a wheelchair, make sure that you sit down so that they won’t have a hard time straining their neck while they’re talking to you. If you’re talking to someone who’s deaf, face the person rather than their interpreter even when they’re looking at the interpreter while you’re speaking to them.

4. Be mindful of their personal space.

A person’s mobility aid is a part of their personal space. When you’re interacting with a person who’s using a wheelchair, a walker, or a cane, make sure that you don’t touch, move, or lean on them without the user’s permission. Otherwise, you might be compromising their safety and yours as well.

5. When referring to persons with disabilities, use ‘people-first’ language.

“People-first” language means telling what a person has, not what a person is. Emphasize abilities, not limitations. For instance, say “a man walks with crutches;” don’t say “he is crippled.”


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