International Day for Tolerance

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International Day for Tolerance: 7 Ways Of Supporting Calls for End to Prejudice and Bigotry

We can probably all agree that intolerance exists in every society. There will always be people who couldn’t help but disrespect the beliefs of other cultures, races, or religions. Hopefully, this can all change when we take a stand against bigotry and prejudice by supporting the International Day for Tolerance.

Celebrated every 16th of November following the adoption of a U.N. declaration on the same date in 1995, the global event aims to educate the public about the dangers of intolerance and how it poisons society. It’s an opportune time to recognize and understand the beliefs of other ethnic groups. It reminds each and every one of us of our worth as human beings.

On November 16—International Day for Tolerance, expect conferences and campaigns to be held in all parts of the world focusing on the issues of injustice, racism, and oppression. Human rights activists are expected to use this moment to speak out against discrimination and hate crimes. Expect schools to likewise take part in various activities like lectures on human rights, essay-writing contests, and story-telling by people who have been victims of intolerance.


Ways to Observe International Day for Tolerance

How would you feel if someone ridicules you for having an opinion that’s different from theirs? You won’t certainly feel good about that. Oftentimes, this is what happens to people belonging in the minority.

This day provides the best opportunity to spread kindness and good neighborliness in our community and inspire others to do the same.

Here are seven ideas you can act upon to celebrate November 16—International Day for Tolerance:

  • Volunteer at an organization that works to promote tolerance in your area.
  • Get to know someone with a different race, religion, or political view.
  • Watch films or documentaries about peace and unity.
  • Share your favorite quotes about tolerance.
  • Immerse yourself in different cultures by reading about them.
  • Participate in campaigns that support diversity.
  • Spread the call for tolerance on social media.

Tolerance is the key to unity. As we learn to be accepting of other people’s opinions, we create a peaceful and harmonious world. This is the whole essence of International Day for Tolerance.

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Make It a Special Day to Remember

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