International Day for Tolerance: 3 Cardinal Signs of an Intolerant Person

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Push for Tolerance on November 16th

Do you know where you stand on the scale of intolerance? Some people think that tolerance is simply their ability to consider the opinions and ideas of others without passing judgment on them or belittling their standpoint.

This may be easier said than done though. No matter how much some people would like to portray themselves as tolerant, sometimes they can’t help but pass judgment on others who they consider as simply repugnant or whose views clash with their own.

On November 16th, International Day of Tolerance, check to see if you’re operating at a certain level of intolerance.


What Is Tolerance?

The term, “tolerance” was derived from the Latin word, tolerantia, which means “to endure.” Tolerance means respect for people who are different from you. In other words, tolerance refers to the ability of a person to endure someone they don’t like or whose ideas are the opposite of theirs.

If you take this into the social context, tolerance simply means not imposing your opinions, beliefs, and ideas on others. A tolerant person doesn’t interfere with other people’s personal choices when these contradict theirs because they understand the importance of learning as well as adapting to each other.


What is Intolerance?

Intolerance is the direct opposite of tolerance. It refers to the inability of an individual to endure something that they dislike. Intolerant people take their disapproval to a higher level by seeking to harm, persecute, punish, or stop someone from exercising their beliefs or verbalizing their thoughts or ideas.


What Are the 3 Signs of an Intolerant Person?

Some people find it difficult to tolerate others who don’t share their lifestyle choices, opinions, practices, ideas, and beliefs. Although the concept of tolerance is simple, it can be emotionally and intellectually taxing for the intolerant person. Here are some of the fundamental signs of an intolerant person:

1. They impose their beliefs and stances on others.

There’s nothing wrong with being passionate about what you believe in. However, if you’re not careful, passion can quickly turn into something unpleasant. Intolerant people tend to impose their religious or political beliefs and stances on other people. When they discuss these things with others who don’t share their views, they easily get riled up and resort to extremist behavior.

2. They’re not willing to listen.

Instead of hearing other people out, an intolerant person isn’t willing to engage in discussions with individuals who are different from them. They find it difficult to understand that others don’t see things the way they do. In most cases, intolerant people tend to steer clear of anything that fails to line up with their own set of beliefs, choices, thoughts, and opinions.

3. They act to defend themselves from those who think differently.

Intolerant people tend to become defensive when they are confronted by those who think differently. They tend to become aggressive if they run out of arguments and feel like they’re being boxed into a corner. Those who are intolerant think that their negative attitude and actions toward others are justified.


Tolerance Means Showing Kindness, Too

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