International Bacon Day

Celebrating International Bacon Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

International Bacon Day: How You Can Become a Hero on This Day

Who doesn’t love bacon? With its savory taste and salty flavor, this meaty treat is the favorite of many. Bacon has become so popular that the world has come up with a special day dedicated to its existence—the International Bacon Day.

This year, Americans will be observing the unofficial holiday on the 1st of September. Celebrated every Saturday before Labor Day, the International Bacon Day was meant to provide an opportunity for people to bond with their friends and loved ones over—yep, you guessed it—bacon-filled dishes. Whether it’s done during breakfast, lunch or dinner, this event is something you just can’t miss out on!


Intriguing Bacon Facts

Before we offer you helpful ideas on how to spend such a delightful day, here are some little-known facts about the delectable meat that you’ll surely find intriguing:

  • Bacon is one of the world’s oldest processed meats, with its history dating back to 1500 BC.
  • The Chinese were responsible for the discovery of salted pork bellies 3,500 years ago.
  • The idiom “bring home the bacon” has its roots way back in the 12th Men who swore before God that they hadn’t argued with their wives for a year and one day are rewarded with a side of bacon. By having the bacon, they are recognized by society as good husbands.
  • It’s only in the U.S. and Canada that bacon comes from the pork belly. In other countries, bacon comes from the pork’s back and side portions.
  • An average American can consume 18 pounds of bacon every year. Also, Americans spend over $4 billion on bacon products annually.
  • Bacon can also be inedible. How so? Well, there’s bacon lip balm, bacon-scented candles, bacon strips adhesive bandages, and even a bacon deodorant!
  • Famous actor Kevin Bacon has a bacon sculpture of his bust created by one of his fans.
  • Of all meats, bacon is found to be the one to convince vegetarians to turn carnivorous (or omnivorous).
  • Bacon is beloved by so many Americans to the extent that a bacon church and camp have been created. The church consists of 13,000 members, with everyone praising the meat for its wonders. In bacon camp, members are taught different ways of cooking bacon.
  • Bacon doesn’t just come from pig meat anymore. Other types include gypsy bacon, pepper bacon, duck bacon, slab bacon, lamb bacon, turkey bacon, venison bacon, and even soy protein bacon.

Long Live Bacon Signage in a Diner | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Ways to Celebrate International Bacon Day

With this special occasion encouraging everybody to appreciate this mouth-watering meat dish, one of the most common ways to observe this day is by simply eating a meal filled with bacon.

Get creative by mixing and experimenting on new recipes you’ll find online. Did you know that you can even bake a bacon chocolate cheesecake? If you’re all about having bacon and pancakes in the morning, why not go for a combination of both?

Discover more bacon recipes here, here, and here. Better yet, add your own flair to make it more flavorful!

International Bacon Day is best spent with families and friends. Try hosting a house party with nothing but bacon on the menu. You may even want to watch Kevin Bacon films while snacking on your favorite treats.

Another idea is to hold fun games for your guests. Prizes can be in the forms of bacon products such as soaps, candles, bandages, and bacon ice cream. That would be an event worth remembering!


How You Can Become a Hero

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