How To Help Your Local Food Pantry

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Shocking Facts About America’s Poor and Hungry

We all know that poverty makes it difficult for affected families to provide enough food for the members of their households. Sadly, this is what’s happening to many families across the United States. The coronavirus pandemic has made life most difficult for family breadwinners who have lost their jobs.

Earlier this year, Feeding America confirmed that over 54 million Americans were at risk of experiencing food insecurity in 2020. Furthermore, the latest statistics show that one in nine Americans experiences hunger.

Ironically, many of those who are facing hunger are living above the federal poverty line. As such, they are automatically disqualified from receiving federal nutrition assistance. For this reason, most of these people rely on local food pantries to help them through their most difficult times.


What Is a Local Food Pantry?

Concerned groups set up local food pantries to reach out to community members who struggle with food insecurity. Their goal is to restore the dignity of those who are living in poverty by providing them with nutritious and good-quality food.

Although most local food pantries are sponsored by community coalitions or local churches, you can also find self-governing community food pantries that distribute quality food supplies to their customers monthly.


How You Can Help the Local Food Pantry

While it’s great to help feed the hungry during Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can do a lot more than that to make a difference in the lives of the poor. To get you started, here are ways on how you can help your local food pantry.

1. Find out what they need.

You’d want to make sure that you’re giving away the items that are needed by the impoverished people in your area. That is why it makes sense to call your local food pantry first to ask them what they need before you make your donation.

2. Never donate anything that’s expired.

While cleaning out your own pantry is not a bad idea, what’s unacceptable is donating your cast-offs as well as your expired food. Also, try not to donate the usual cheap food items given to the poor such as instant noodle packs. A good rule of thumb is to avoid donating any kind of food that you and your kids won’t eat yourselves.

3. Donate fresh produce.

Canned goods won’t be refused, but you’ll surely make struggling families happy if you donate fresh fruits and vegetables instead. It doesn’t matter if you get them from your own garden or if you bought them from the nearest farm. A bushel of apples or fresh lettuce is a treat to the people served by your local food pantry.

4. Volunteer.

Your local food pantry may be understaffed. One of the best ways to lend them a hand is to commit a few hours of your time a month to help them unpack donation boxes, sort donations, stock shelves, send thank-you letters to supporters, do online bookkeeping, see to the care package deliveries, prepare the meals, or serve the food. An extra pair of helping hands is always welcome.


Here’s Another Way to Make a Difference in Your Community

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