Help Save Lives during High Blood Pressure Awareness Month

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Help Save Lives on High Blood Pressure Awareness Month

High Blood Pressure Awareness Month is promoted every month of May. High blood pressure is considered as one of the leading causes of death around the globe.


What is Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is also known as hypertension. It is a term used when the force in your heart that pumps blood around your body becomes higher than its normal level.

Our heart creates the force by expelling blood as it contracts during each heartbeat. The blood travels through smaller branches of the arteries before it returns.


How to Read Blood Pressure Results

Many of us who have been to a doctor’s appointment ought to be familiar with how our blood pressure is measured. Medical professionals use a blood pressure “cuff” which is fastened around the upper arm and tightens as the measuring proceeds. With the apparatus, they can accurately identify whether your blood pressure levels are normal or not.

Blood pressure is typically stated using a fraction. The top number is called systolic pressure. It measures the heart’s contractions. The bottom number is called the diastolic pressure, which represents the pressure between heartbeats when the heart is at rest.

The normal blood pressure is at 120/80 millimeters of mercury (mmHg) or less. Pre-hypertension is when the top number is between 120 to 139 and the bottom number is between 80 to 89.

High blood pressure has two stages: Stage 1 Hypertension is when the top number is between 140-159 while the bottom number is between 90 to 99. Stage 2 Hypertension is when the top number is 160 or higher and the bottom number is 100 or higher. These two stages, as well as the pre-hypertension level, give you a higher risk for health problems.


Causes of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can come from various sources, including stress, age, higher body weight, family history, and unhealthy diet. As high blood pressure increases to unhealthy levels, it can cause several dangerous consequences like complications and even death.

Hypertension often causes blood clots that can result in heart attacks or strokes. These events happen when the blood clots result in the arteries getting blocked, preventing the blood from flowing and reaching the heart and brain. Other health problems caused by hypertension are sexual dysfunction, kidney disease, peripheral artery disease, and angina or chest pain.


Fight High Blood Pressure

What we can do during High Blood Pressure Awareness Month is to let our loved ones and friends know how they can fight the disease.

There are many ways of tackling high blood pressure. Prevention should focus more on the aspects that can be controlled or modified.

You can take supplements such as antioxidants that can facilitate a normal blood pressure. Be more cautious on your food intake, especially on fat and sodium or salt level. You can also maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating the right food, having the correct weight based on your age and height, and exercising regularly.


Breast Cancer – Another Mass Killer

Aside from high blood pressure, there is a disease that has also been claiming the lives of so many people worldwide, particularly women. It is breast cancer. On High Blood Pressure Awareness Month, let’s also remember the victims of breast cancer and do something to help our fellow Americans who have been stricken with the deadly disease and who do not have the money to pay for the cost of treatment.

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Give Breast Cancer Victims Second Chance in Life

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