Gold Star Mother’s Day: 3 Ways to Honor Moms of Our Fallen Heroes

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Recognize their Sacrifice on September 26th

Throughout our nation’s history, our soldiers have shown exemplary courage and heroism. However, they’re not the only ones who deserve our appreciation and gratitude. Their mothers and the rest of their families who have supported them also deserve to be honored.

This is the reason why we observe the last Sunday of September as Gold Star Mother’s Day. This year, the unofficial holiday takes place on September 26th.

The event seeks to recognize and honor those mothers whose sons or daughters lost their lives in the line of duty. The gold star symbolizes the loss of a loved one in combat. The gold star is placed on the service flag displayed in the windows of homes that lost a son or daughter to war.

Gold Star Mother’s Day seeks to recognize the roles that mothers play in the lives of soldiers as they carry out their duties. For starters, a mother’s consent helps the Army with recruitment and enlistment. As our soldiers are deployed to conflict areas overseas, their mothers provide them with the emotional support they need to be able to perform their duties well.

Gold Star Mother’s Day was modified to Gold Star Mother’s Day and Family Day in 2016 by President Barack Obama. It seeks to continue the tradition of honoring and thanking mothers and their families for supporting their loved ones’ call to serve and for their own sacrifice.


How You Can Honor Gold Star Mothers

In your community, you can pay tribute to the mothers who lost their loved ones in battle. Here are three simple ways of doing this:

1. Say ‘thank you’ to Gold Star Mothers.

Leave a note or personally drop by to express your gratefulness to Gold Star Mothers and their families in your community. Express your recognition and appreciation of their sacrifice.

2. Organize an event for them.

Organize an event to honor the mothers of soldiers who lost their lives serving our country. Recognize their strength, sacrifice, and resilience and let them know that the community is standing by them for support.

3. Tell their stories on social media.

You can promote awareness of Gold Star Mother’s Day on social media. Tell the stories of mothers who lost their sons or daughters to war so that people won’t forget the heroism of our soldiers and their military families.


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