Go Out and Connect with Nature During Great Outdoors Month

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Go Out and Connect with Nature on Great Outdoors Month

If you’ve always wanted to spend some time out with nature, then the National Great Outdoors Month this June is the best time to do it. Starting as Great Outdoors Week in 1998 and expanded to Great Outdoors Month in 2004, the event aims to bring people together and encourage them to experience the many wonders of the great outdoors.

Take a walk in the park or go climb a hill to experience the great outdoors at its finest!

June marks the start of the summer season, that’s why it makes sense that it’s celebrated as Great Outdoors Month. While flowers begin to bloom in springtime, their beauty reaches its peak in the summer where they will be in full bloom. The point is that if you want to give yourself a much-needed break, embracing the beauty of nature in the great outdoors is something that you wouldn’t regret doing.


Activities You Can Do on Great Outdoors Month

The great outdoors offers a vast variety of activities for you and your family to enjoy. On Great Outdoors Month, find some time to experience nature with your family. Breast Cancer Car Donations encourages you to go out and connect with nature by doing any of these activities:

1. Camping

Setting up a tent smack-dab in the middle of nature’s bosom is the best way to embrace the great outdoors. After lighting the bonfire, grill up some marshmallows and make some s’mores. As the night progresses, find a comfortable spot to lay down and watch the stars.

2. Go Hiking

What better way to witness nature than by hiking mountain trails? Call up your friends and ask them if they’re up to it. Nature can offer you a lot of benefits like boosting up your mood and your immune system.

3. Fishing

Summer is the best time to go out to the lake and enjoy bonding with your family. Cast out a fishing line and enjoy some quiet time while you wait for a bite. Fishing can give you peace and is a great way to relieve stress.

4. Swimming

Aside from fishing, summer is also a great time to take a dip in the pool or on the beach. Enjoy the warmth that the sun gives and make the most out of the season.

5. Volunteer

Nature is beautiful in itself. But can you imagine how much more beautiful it can be when you get to help people while you’re appreciating its beauty? Countless people need a helping hand to get through life and your response to their needs might just be the one they’re waiting for.


Help Fight Breast Cancer by Donating Your Old Car

Did you know that one in every eight American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer within the course of her lifetime? Breast cancer happens to be the second leading cause of cancer death among women in the United States. In fact, each year, over 40,500 women lose their lives to it.

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Start Saving Lives on the Great Outdoors Month!

As you celebrate and enjoy life on the Great Outdoors Month this June, are you ready to bring out the philanthropist in you? Call us at 866-540-5069 and start saving lives with your car donation!